The First Pancake Always Sucks.

As the strong, determined woman I am – as soon as I got the news of my unemployment I immediately made a plan. I decided I would treat myself to some time off, guilt free. That is a treat after all! How often do you let yourself do nothing? However, being a child of the 80s and television and loud, flashy toys I have no attention span. I require activity. Television doesn’t count. It is, in fact, the antithesis of activity. I decided my time jobless would be spent bettering myself as well as my life. I had a list of all the things I wanted to do (in my head), and how many of those have I accomplished: Zero.

Good thing I didn’t write that list out for anyone to see! However, during my free time as I accomplished new things I was making a new list. I learned that adding something to the list as I’m doing it is the best way, for me, to make sure I do it! Brilliant!

My List:

  • Write a blog
  • Join a dating website
  • Go to Boston
  • Learn to make a great pancake
As you know, the first two have a big ‘ol check mark. As I know, the second two do as well. Boston was one of those things where I didn’t know that I had always wanted to go there, until I got there. It’s my new favorite city in the US. Sorry, Bapple. (Bapple is my pet name for New York City) As for the pancake, that became a challenge.
One morning, a crisp cool morning I awoke with no plans. The air was fresher, the sun shone brighter and I was a lot happier than I had ever been working the past year. I decided to treat myself to a fancy (home cooked) breakfast. I went to the grocery store and got all the fixin’s for pancakes plus eggs and turkey bacon. I got everything ready and mixed that mix, with all the joy my little wrist could whip. Poured the batter on my (fairly new) stainless steel skillet and as I was waiting for a sign from the divine that it was time to flip that little flapper of a jack… Smoke rose from the pan as if I set Smokey’s Forest on fire myself. It quickly thinned to the thickness of a dime, turned black and dried up. I think I started to cry. I ruined my pan!
When I picked myself up off the floor and realized I could soak the pan and I will not let flour, eggs and milk stop me from a check mark on my imaginary list… I recollected and restarted. I may have used the internet for help, too. I realized non stick is better, always put butter in the pan and when it bubbles it’s time to flip.
Since that day I have made over FOUR (4) different kinds of pancakes, which include strawberry, blueberry, regular and chocolate chip. To some it may be silly, to me I feel like a warrior. A master of kitchen warfare. I’ve noticed the similarities to my first batch of pancakes to other things in life: like my first internet date (we’ll get into that soon). However, you can’t measure everything against the first or only time you do something. Even if you’re great at something the first time, it doesn’t make you a virtuoso, it just makes you lucky.

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