There hasn’t been glamour in politics since Jackie O.

I am a self-proclaimed non believer in politics. Yes, you read that right. I flat-out don’t believe in politics. I know they exist, physically, I got fired for office politics, in fact. However as far as the government goes to ruling my life, I don’t put much money on that pony. The same way I don’t believe in the economic crisis. (Money is paper. Literally, just paper. It’s nothing to be afraid of.) Recently I was reading about Alabama’s new ban on abortions. To me, this is absolute non sense. I have never been enraged before due to a political ruling (and frankly I’m still not) because I have never been the minority facing a loss of rights. Yes, knocked up females is a minority. However, I do happen to own the equipment and fit the bill of someone who could get knocked up. If I have a wild night and sleep with every man I come across, have a romantic night with my boyfriend of 5 years with a faulty condom or get raped on my way home from work it doesn’t matter – it is no one else’s decision what I do with my body at that point. That decision is out of realistic jurisdiction from the political command center. You’re trying to play God, step back.

Doctors should be lining up giving out free abortions, as well as free condoms and information regarding safe sex and emotional education, while we’re at it. Where are the fundamental values our children should have learned? Who is responsible for teaching them about the world? The teachers can’t – because a bill was passed they can’t mention religion, politics, sex ed, etc. The parents can’t because they’re too busy watching 18 kids and counting on TLC. That’s what wholesome America is, right? Contrarily allowing two people to throw off the entire zero growth curve, single-handedly and THEN still get a television show to glorify it. It’s almost like in the same breath people are complaining about the over population of our world and then outlawing abortions that would help stop said overpopulation.

With America being one of the younger countries this is a very pivotal time for us. This is like our first quarter life crisis. We’re looking around, feeling lonely and abandoned – like no one really “gets us”- trying to figure out what the hell we’re gonna do with the rest of our life. Who are we, America? Who are we?

WELL. We’re a hot fucking mess. Power, control and greed have taken over and people are climbing to get to the top of that paper mountain. The problem is there’s nothing up there. The paper is a symbol and it symbolizes a promise [of payment]. Is that what you want, a payment or a promise? For what? Make it good… I’m on my period. I promise.

The last few times I went to the grocery store I stood in line behind folks that could not afford their groceries. The first one was an older Asian woman trying to buy a pack of hot dogs and some pasta. Her Link card didn’t go through so she put back the hotdogs and pulled loose change out of her purse for the pasta. My heart broke. This is exactly what is wrong with our country. She didn’t speak much English so I would assume she is an immigrant. We pride ourselves on being the melting pot, well it’s really hot in this pot and guess what – we’re all in it together. The 1% – the bubbles. The ones closest to the top, well, those are the ones that get eaten first. In a big pot, the substance is always at the bottom- the rich in quality, the better, heartier ingredients rest nicely down there.

It is time to make some changes. I strongly believe other people have no right being better than one another. After all, that decision is completely objective and quite frankly an anonymous opinion.We are all in this together and circumstances are not physically binding, only mentally. Every single person possesses the power to change… themselves. I would love to see some major changes in government. I would also like to get some of the money back I paid last year in taxes. But, I’ve let that go- that is not my fight. My fight is to wake up every day and be the best person I can possibly be and go to bed every night knowing I didn’t make anyone else’s life harder or more difficult because I wanted something better for me.

Faith, hope and courage are free. You generate those yourselves and can act on those instincts, those actions will last you a while.  99% is a lot of people. We’re not united as 99% though. They say you are only as strong as your weakest link. That is why Occupy Wall Street is not succeeding. It’s isolating itself from the remaining, quite large, percentage of the group. I’m not saying we need to start a smile revolution and everyone should pay for the struggling woman ahead of them in line at the market. That would be nice, but I think I just got a lot of eye rolls on that. We need to start living out the way we feel inside. Taking steps of courage to stand up for what is right – not just what is right for us individually but as a whole, as a nation, as a pot full of people- getting burned.

5 thoughts on “There hasn’t been glamour in politics since Jackie O.

  1. Interesting…..hmmm. Some great writing in there, Duffy.

    It is perhaps one of the hardest things for me to wrap my head around, this whole 1% thing. It’s not that I don’t see the injustice of it all. It’s just that I wonder how we actually level the playing field, and if by doing so, we will achieve what we think we will achieve.

    So what is the ultimate goal of changing that dynamic? Is it to figure out a way to tax the fuck out of that 1% and finally pay for all of the things we need in this country, like roads that aren’t falling apart and schools that aren’t failing? I think that would have to be what we want out of this, right?

    Otherwise, it’s like we are just a bunch of kids angry at that other kid who gets to go with his parents on cool vacations while we stay home and at best go to our cousin’s house in Dinuba and flip over the couch in the back yard (can’t make that shit up….). The problem is that I bet I had about 50 times as much fun doing that. That other kid was probably miserable on his vacation.

    What I mean to say is that money is just that – paper. And since it is just that, it creates a duality in this argument. I want the 1% to be taxed, but not to help social programs. This is not because I don’t care about people. I just see the inherent problem of trying to use money taxed from one to pay for another person’s anything. It creates resentment and mimics that scenario above with the kids and their vacation.

    I say we take the 1%’s taxes and only pay for tangible things like roads, bridges and funding for education. Then, we simply start a movement of giving. As cumbaya as that sounds, it is what is needed. We need to refocus our country on some morality- not of the structured, religious zealot type, but morality of the more generic type. Otherwise, we are just a bunch of kids crying cause the other kid has cooler shit.

    I want to add some value to my life, therefore I add value to others. I have never experienced a more perfect and provable test in life. Giving has helped me out the darkest place in memory. That’s why I know it can be a revolution worth backing. We need to refocus our efforts. This is not to say that calling attention to injustices and great disparities in wages isn’t important. I just want to find a way to harness that rage, frustration and defeated spirit. And I find that it is always best to start with yourself and what you can change. Always look within first, you know…

    1. I completely agree with you. Let’s start the Cumbaya Movement.

      I think the problem with the OWS movement is they’re quietly hoping for reparations. I don’t think they’re all fighting against the injustice that is the 1% not having the same tax laws as the rest of us. I am not looking for any robin hooding here. I think we need to be thinking about moving forward and re-structuring the way we operate as a whole. That email going around with Warren Buffet’s plan to end the deficit and have politicians adhere to the same rules they pass for the general public is brilliant.

      With this ludicrous circus that is the GOP presidential hopefuls race I fear we’re headed in a very bad direction. I think we all need to step outside of the forest and start looking at the trees. There are fundamental problems with our country. We can not go into debt over military spending when we have homeless and hungry citizens roaming the streets. That makes no sense.

      I wholeheartedly believe people need to start looking within first. Sometimes I feel like we’re chasing a shadow puppet. People are focused and obsessed with the wrong things. I don’t think people would know what “true happiness” was even if it jumped up and smacked them in the face. That’s why I think there’s so much resistance. People have to choose to fight against their own restricting walls holding them back first, before they can actually go anywhere.

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