The Princess in the Pupa.

There once was a princess called Princess McPrincesspants. She was a gracious princess, always trying to do best for herself as well as those around her. One day, she realized she was caught in the grandiose thematic idealism embedded in the prolific meaning of her name. Although she belonged to the princess club and loved it, she didn’t feel like that should define her. She wanted to break out and be more than just a princess, but everyone she encountered said “No! You CAN’T!” She assumed hearing she can’t meant she couldn’t, as in was physically unable. What Princess McPrincesspants concluded was that her “can’t” wasn’t her being told she physically could not, was mentally unable or would unacceptably impede the social standard- it was a “can’t” because of the fear people held of her not conceding to their already forgone consent to ‘predestined mediocrity.’ (Their words, not mine)

Once our protagonist became keen to the fear based actions leading the lives of her royal subjects, she dared to do what no princess in her princess club had done before: quit her job, move out of her apartment and travel abroad through Europe. Most people thought that Princess McPrincesspants went crazy! It was obvious those people that did not immediately have great hopes and joy for the princess were not actually thinking about Princess McPrincesspants, but instead about themselves unwillingly thrown into her voluntary situation. They feared the unknown, worried what others would think and doubted the contingency of success.

Thankfully for the princess, and also this blog entry, the princess was not deterred by naysayers. She took that brave leap of faith and followed the abnormally chosen path: “The Heart Path.” She knew she was a great woman for it and when she returned she was able to be a better princess because of her affair out side her home kingdom, The Comfort Zone. The fair-weather subjects began to appear in hopes to catch the scraps of her stories for them to live vicariously through. She did not bother to help those certain subjects off the dirty, scrap filled floor, but waited for them to stand up on their own. To this day, Princess McPrincesspants patiently waits for all subjects in The Comfort Zone Kingdom to raise to their tippiest of tippitoes to reach the zenith of possibility and potentially fling themselves out of their Comfort Zone Kingdom, if only to return at a later point.

Wow. I certainly learned a lot from Princess McPrincesspants. I was lucky enough to sit down and have a cup of tea with her once, which is where she shared her story with me. Our conversation spanned great lengths and topics but mostly we spoke about the fear people hold in their pockets these days. I wonder what people would do, or try to do, if they didn’t fear the repercussions. For some, it is fear of failure (or it’s yang – success) but for others it could be the ripple effect they cause. Turning over a new leaf, making a big change or taking a leap of faith all involve a certain amount of courage. It is walking up to the edge of the proverbial cliff and saying “I am not scared. I am ready” before jumping off.

What could be worse is getting to Proverbial Cliff (which is just outside of Comfort Zone Kingdom, oddly) and before you jump, or god forbid after, you wonder if that’s really what you wanted. How do you decide what you want in life? Are you allowed to decide or is it already decided for you? I’ve had some experiences where I have been proudly walking my own heart path and get distracted, stumble or lose sight of the path I could swear I was following. The good news of Life Forrest, according to Princess McPrincesspants, is you can always get back on the heart path.

For me, I feel like I’m in the process of re-finding my heart path right now. A reinvention of me is what is taking place. I feel like a butterfly in chrysalis, molding from the melted goop of what was and growing into the magical beauty of what is and what could be. Like the Princess, I too, took a big leap of faith and went to Europe once, it was so clear that it was the right decision for me at the time. Now it’s a little trickier because the signs acknowledging The Heart Path have blended into the Life Forest and are much more subtle and easy to miss, or ignore.

Being let go recently from a stable job was unnerving and interrupting… of the path I was on. Turns out, wrong path. Now that I am back navigating the thick, unrevealed, uncharted path of my heart I am much, much happier than when following the hackneyed, common, busy highway I was on which lead to The [antonym of kingdom] of Regret. Unfortunately I do not know what lays ahead, it is hard to say even what I hope to find at the end of the path. That is all part of the uncertainty. However, right now I’ve been reaffirmed that my calling is to write.

I get so much joy out of writing and by blogging a simple feeling, thought or idea for someone else to read and possibly connect with. I want to write for the rest of my life, I also want to end homelessness. How will these two come together? Will they? My passion to write is foremost and that’s what I focus on. I’m lucky enough to have my heart path clear and prevalent in my life forest these days as well as accessible. I am unsure of where I can take the writing path, but if it is indeed the right path then it will take me where I need to go. I don’t have answers as far as what any one else should live or be driven towards, but I do know that if you know, then you should go for it.

2 thoughts on “The Princess in the Pupa.

  1. Although I haven’t known you long, I can see you are blossoming from the bud you once were or felt you were. you are the most vibrant flower reaching for the brightest rays of sunlight. I don’t know if it’s a discovery, rediscovery, or embracing of who you are but I’m so enjoying experiencing it through you. You certainly have a writing gift and the written word is a powerful thing. I’m sure you can combine your passions and be successful in both. As long as you’re writing, I’m reading…

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