My first day at bikram. I was terrified. I have been planning this for several weeks, after I first bought the $29 groupon.  Like always when I am about to start something new and am feeling nervous, I pace around outside the building.

So there I was, 7:30 am. Freshly off from work at 7 and waiting to go upstairs for my 8am class. Checklist review in my head:  Towel – check, Water – check, Change of clothes – check, Mat – Shit! I left my mat at home. Like I said – I was terrified.

Luckily, I was able to rent one for $2. So I go into the studio, had made my appointment for the class the night before, so I was registered. Just had to fill out a quick form and hand over the groupon. The reception girl ended up being the instructor too, so she asked “Have you been here before?”

“Nope, first time.”

“Great! Welcome! Your goal for the day is to just stay inside the room for the entire class.”

“Haha. This is the best yoga class ever.”

I already felt relieved that I didn’t have to do much except stay in the studio. That took off a lot of my stress and worry. I had no idea what it would be like. I don’t handle heat well, so sitting in a room of 105 degrees is intimidating enough, not to mention the thought of doing a physical activity in that heat too!

I put my stuff in the locker room. Grabbed my towel, water and mat and set out to the hot room. It was like jumping into a cement pool. Where the cement hardens the more you try to breathe. Just sitting for the 15 minutes prior to the class I was sweating and nervous. So, so nervous.

I don’t know what I was expecting to happen. I’ve heard horror stories of puking, passing out, running out of the room, headaches, body aches, uncontrollable tears, etc. I acclimated my body and said “You know what, I’m already proud of you for coming.”

That was me celebrating my first victory.

My brother was the biggest support when I told him I was going to start Bikram yoga this week. I kept saying I was nervous and scared until he just said, just be excited. So every time I caught myself saying (because I told EVERY one at work that I was doing the bikram challenge) that I was nervous, I would quickly change it to excited.

So by the time I was about to head out from work – I actually WAS excited!

Time on the mat, in front of the mirror, is a very difficult thing when you have body issues. It was literally coming face to face with myself. I had already made myself proud – by showing up despite my fear.  So everything else was cake. Just to take it in stride.

I was able to not only stay in the room but complete the entire series. I didn’t have perfected moves but I was able to at least get into position and lift/hold/pull, what needed to be. It was a great experience and I left bouncy, happy and soaked in sweat. I mean SOAKED.

I am nervous to go back tomorrow. And by nervous, I mean excited.

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