I got FIVE on it.

Bikram – Day 5 – DIZZY!

Well, it was bound to happen. I got so dizzy during the beginning of class, I had to leave the room and sit in front of the toilet for 2 minutes. My right ear got plugged during half moon pose – clogged like when you’re in an airplane and you yawn to un pop it. I couldn’t un pop it, and it was ringing and I couldn’t breathe properly and I was off balance.

I freaked out a little inside, because I didn’t know what was going on. This was the first day that I went after I woke up instead of after work. I didn’t sleep very well last night – I kept waking up every two hours. Strange and vibrant dreams. Finally I woke up in the 6am hour and turned on the television to my favorite part of Tuesdays – the Law and Order: SVU marathon on USA.

Benson and Stabler couldn’t get me to fall asleep, so I ate my left over pasta, ground beef and diced tomato dinner from last night. Slept for another two hours then woke up, drank a glass of water and went to class. I know I was less hydrated than normal and it was hotter out than normal so our body temperatures were already higher.

We were getting to standing bow pose (my favorite) and I wasn’t sure if I was going to pass out or puke or what, so I just grabbed my bottle of water and left the classroom. I sat in the locker room for a few minutes until I got the color back in my face, or at least felt like it.

My thoughts went something like “shit, you failed by leaving the room.” “oh well, go back.” So I waited outside the room until balancing stick was over and walked straight back in to the folded body, forehead to the ground pose. I felt so strong and had actually gained momentum. Also, I realized that I needed to be very careful with bringing my head up and down because the blood rushing around makes me dizzy.

I was embarrassed that I left the room, especially with the darling teacher who asked who was in their first week at the beginning of class because we didn’t have any first dayers. I raised my hand when she asked, along with a few others and she was very excited and welcoming to us.

I went on with the rest of class as usual, now my goal went from having a great class to just finishing it in the room. However, when we got to the floor part, I was feeling more like pushing myself and did a great cobra, locust and even got on my hip bones during bow pose! (Remember the first day – I couldn’t even grab both of my feet, now I’m getting knees AND thighs off the ground) Also during the next back bend I was able to get onto my elbows – which was way further than I had gone back before. I even got a “nice job to my friend in the green” from the instructor. (It was a really big class, she hadn’t learned everyone’s name yet). I appreciated the support.

I barely attempted Camel pose today. It is by far the most daunting to me. It’s a very simple back bend, from the knees. Yet by far the absolute most powerful one. I get a little nauseous every time. I can not wait for the day that I am able to go back in camel pose. That will be a huge breakdown waiting to happen as it’s the heart opening pose and a lot of emotion is connected to it.

I had a great chat with the instructor after class, she said I did an amazing job and she was impressed with me at 5 days. I told her I just love throwing myself so completely into it and enjoying every minute of it, even when I have to run out when I get dizzy. She said “oh my gosh, is that what happened? I looked up you were gone then I looked up again and you were back and stronger, so I thought you just had to pee.” I explained the ear thing and she said that that still happens to her. Which was a relief because it just felt so odd to me.

So I was a little disappointed in myself for leaving the room but really I think I psyched myself out about it by telling myself it was such a no-no to interrupt my practice.  However, when I got back and realized I only really missed one posture I let it all go and came back to me in the moment. The very, very hot moment. And now I feel great.

I can already see changes and I’m contemplating posting a day 0 and day 7 picture on Friday because it’s just so exciting!!

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