And on the 7th day… she slept.

I forwent Yoga today, for sleep. Trying not to forgo blogging although it is close to 4am and I’m at work. However, it still counts.

So Thursday was a rest day. I did not plan on skipping yoga, but I had been up for 26 hours due to my unwanted work schedule of overnight shifts. Thursday is always going to be a difficult day for me to get to a class because the timing of the classes are not ideal for me, with no 8am class and the latest being a 6:30 it leaves awkward timing for my sleep. So this may turn into my rest day for the next 3 weeks.

The instructor from the other day said I can do a double class one day , which basically means staying in the hot room for THREE hours. The thought is overwhelming now, but we’ll see how the rest of the 30 days go. I may throw in a double or two, if needed to get the 30 classes in 30 days title.

After one week of bikram yoga I feel so much better. A guest checking in tonight made a comment about how bright I looked, and a co-worker later said there was a noticeable difference in me lately. It is part physical because of all the sweat, part mental and emotional because of the meditation, mind calming practice and lastly in part because I love a good challenge.

It is important for me to focus on healthy things. I felt it tonight at work when my co-workers and I decided to order food. Normally, I pick up the difference because no one ever wants to foot the bill. Tonight was different, I just flat out said “I’m not paying for your food.” I felt proud of myself for saying what I really wanted and not having to pay for more than the tip.

It’s a small feat, but a feat none the less. I’m one that would rather pay for someone else than cause a stink about a few bucks here or there. Now that I am stressed about my plateaued Australia savings account, these fuckers are on their own.

So after one week- feeling amazing. Generally up lifted with way more energy and oomph than before. Also my head is a little bit clearer. Not as in I know what I’m going to do with the rest of my life, but more in a ‘well I’m not going to worry about all that useless crap I was worrying about before.’

To sum up a week in a word – PROGRESS.

Left: Night before Day 1 Right: Day 7
Left: Night before Day 1
Right: Day 7

One thought on “And on the 7th day… she slept.

  1. I have to comment on two things. First, your stamina. When I was in grad school I worked the overnight shift at a hospital. 11 – 7am at the hospital, then classes or internship till 3, finally to bed till 10:00. I have little memory of those days. No way could I have done bikram yoga or anything else. Bravo for you.

    Secondly, what you are going to do for the rest or your life? NO ONE can know the answer to that. That picture comes slowly and evolves over time. Knowing what sets you on fire, knowing what makes you lose track of time…THAT is what to be aware of because that is what you want to follow and figure out how to monetize. Hope writing is one of those things for you. You have much talent.

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