Bikram Day 8, Class 7.

I was greeted by 2 instructors this morning, instead of the normal one. One of which was my favorite and she asked what day I was on. I explained day 8/class 7 and that I may need to do a double after all. Then the most amazing thing happened. She said “Well let me know if you decide to do a double and I’ll do it with you.”

What? Are you serious? Is that not the absolute sweetest, cutest, nicest thing ev-er?! So it’s nice to have that thought in my back pocket and we shall see…

After one day off, I wasn’t sure how class was going to go today. However, everything opened up nicely, there wasn’t very much tightness, in fact  the opposite. For instance, during one of the sit ups I rolled my body up and over so fluidly that my head was practically on my knees. Something that hasn’t happened in years.

There was a point however, when I thought my skin was going to combust into flames. I was so hot I was wondering if I was getting a tan. Then class was winding down and I just had to focus and persevere. Then it was over and I felt great. My thighs feel amazing. Just smaller and tighter. My whole body feels tighter.

I went to Trader Joe’s after class for some groceries. Since it’s the beginning of my budgeted week, I could basically get anything I wanted. It was such a great feeling. I was so happy and thankful wandering through the aisles looking for proteins and healthy fats. I bought a concise bag full of food and carried it home grateful. I’m technically not on a diet, but it’s a domino effect. Starting to be healthy in one way branches out and leads to an all around healthy lifestyle.

I read an article once that said happy people spend at least 30 minutes of their day doing something that they love. After reading that I started working on my Spanish for at least 30 minutes. I always felt like I was working towards something. Which is why yoga is bringing me all this happiness as well. I do better knowing that I’m working towards something feasible.

Now that I’m feeling so good it just seems that I lived so long not feeling so good. Which is sad. I am so excited to be on this bikram journey and feel that every day is a new experience and being able to blog and share it with you just adds to the fulfillment factor.

I did another 30 day challenge last year, which was eating Paleo – the caveman diet. I ended up loving it so much I was 95% paleo for 4 months. Then off and on for the remainder of the year. I still try to incorporate a primarily paleo base to my diet, however today for instance, I bought granola and yogurt so that I can have a quick and easy snack before I leave for work. Through all this and I feel like I’m not eating enough! So I had a piece of cake last night at work to make sure I was getting my calories. =P

No matter how healthy I get, I hope I will always remain true to the real me – and never, ever turn down a piece of cake. Ever.


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