A bikram’s dozen.

Day 13 – Class 12

Boy, oh boy, I did NOT want to go to class this morning. I was literally falling asleep at work. I sat down in the back office on my 30 minute break and the new guy was telling a never ending story about god knows what and I literally fell asleep in the middle of it. Luckily it was more of a nod off and I was able to bounce back awake. Needless to say – I was tired.

As the minutes counted down toward the end of my work shift and the beginning of a bikram class I started to talk myself out of going to class. I tried to bargain the old “well if you go home and sleep right away, you can wake up early and go to the late class.” The problem with that is it would throw off my schedule eventually leaving me having to do a double.

I opened Pinterest and searched “motivation.” Sure enough, skinny girls with ridiculous abs, small waists, sculpted legs appeared on my screen. It was enough to make me reconsider. That and a friend giving me some healthy encouragement.

Now that I am showered and fed and sitting in my pajamas on my bed I can say I am so happy I went. The sunburn from yesterday made the room considerably hotter for me. Thought I wasn’t going to make it through Pranayama breathing.


My left leg reached up and flexed straight ahead for standing head to knee pose. WOW!!

Standing head to knee pose

My head didn’t reach all the way to my knee, but I was able to lock my right leg, extend the left and bend forward. On the first day of class I couldn’t grab the bottom of my foot during a knee raise. Small victories!

I left feeling so proud and accomplished. When I walked out of the hot room, the teacher even said “Alright, way to go miss almost head to knee!” By far the most visually daunting pose. When I walked out of the studio, I could barely walk. My legs are tense but I feel so good. I came home and had some granola and yogurt and was still starving so I had trader joe meatballs wrapped in pillsbury biscuit dough, with string cheese and baked it. Lots of protein, but a little fat and grease too. So good.

Now I’m going to lay my stretched little body to sleep. It’s a roller coaster of things for me these days. It has only been 13 days, yet to me it feels like so much longer. I mean 13 days into this and the array of emotions I’ve experienced have been incredible. Every day is a new adventure in bikram, because it is about the little changes you see in yourself. Even if it’s the mentality you come to class with. It never feels the same twice.


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