The big 2-Oh!

TWENTY DAYS of BIKRAM! 2/3 of the way through… 19 classes in 20 days.

Today was a great class. I found myself leaving work and taking the 5 block walk as habit. I wasn’t nervous, I wasn’t overly excited. I was just eager to get into the hot room. Walked in to the studio, greeted the instructor and went straight to the locker room to change.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to be in the class today being that I skipped yesterday. My body was tight and some things hurt. My legs and spine needed more of an intentional warm up. I took it easy, did what I could. It felt like a pretty advanced group of yogis and we all seemed to be in our own worlds, which was extremely liberating.

With a perfect view of myself in the mirror I worked on me for the duration of class. There were no great strides in my practice, just another accomplishment of simply showing up and participating.

One of the instructors was a student in the class and was set up next to me. On the way out of class, she gave me a high five and said I was a yoga rock star. I feel it. I love it. Bikram has just been the best addition to my life.

Tonight at work, the overnight supervisor and I talked the cool 2nd shift manager into going to Mcdonald’s for us. It started as a joke really, because we never have food options at work during 3rd shift. He agreed to go (AND PAY!! So nice!)  and asked us for our order.

The supervisor immediately listed her nuggets, fries and a mcflurry and all I could think of was “I don’t want to eat that crap, I’ve been working too hard.” I haven’t eaten at a Mcdonalds in months. Instead of just ordering for the sake of ordering I actually said outloud that I didn’t want to eat that unhealthfully. So she suggested I get a salad, which I hadn’t even remembered they offered- fully aware that COMPLETELY negates the whole reason to eat MickyD’s in the first place.

However I placed my order for a chicken salad… and a medium fry. (Duh) By the time the food arrived I had searched the nutrition information for the salad and found it under 350 calories and 8 grams of fat. I started with my fries and less than half way through when another co-worker realized he now wanted some fries, I jumped up and offered him the rest of mine.

He asked if I was sure and I was SO SURE because firstly, my craving had already been satisfied and secondly, I just got a free meal, the least I could do was share part of it. I was proud of myself for putting my body first.

My body has changed, but I don’t know about the weight dripping off. I do feel so incredibly strong. I would love nothing more than the weight to magically drip off, but that’s not what this is all about. There are so many more things I’ve received from this challenge already. I am so proud of myself for keeping with it and being so invested in it.

I can see how it’s bleeding into other areas of my life and I am very eager to see how many other things change with time. Imagine, all this within 20 days. I’m not sure if, as a reader, you feel the roller coaster this challenge has put me on, but it’s been a beautiful and demanding one.

10 days left to go. No sweat…

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