Rollin with my hip bones…

Bikram Day 21 – Class 20!!

Alright guys, final stretch. Today was the 3 week mark and to celebrate I had THE. MOST. AMAZING. CLASS. EVER.

I was so strong and so flexible. I even caught myself smiling – no, not smiling, brimming ear to ear with joy. The first pose they call “half moon” and is a side bend to either side, then a standing backwards bend followed immediately into a forward bend. When you get down into the forward bend you reach your arms behind, or along side your legs and step on your fingers. Then you pull from your heels and stretch the legs and spine in one incredibly long line of forward bending.

The speech is always the same “you want to fold yourself over, so that from the side you look like a Japanese ham sandwich.” The first time you hear that you laugh. The second time you hear it you laugh and then think what the hell is a Japanese ham sandwich? However, today I was one. My face was buried in my knees. My body was folded over brilliantly, there was no air between me and me.

Throughout the rest of class everything was strong and intentional. It’s so funny how from one day to another your body is capable of so much change. Being Thursday I went home after work for the almost 2 hours of downtime. I didn’t want to go to the 10am class, because I was so sleepy and wanted to dive into bed. I had very little expectations for the class as again it was another day where I just wanted to prove to myself I can get through it.

I do believe that part of my strength came from making a decision that early morning. My cousin is getting married in California, in November. I obviously really want to go, however with all the bills and debts that keep popping up and my Australia fund at a several week pause, I didn’t want to pay the $400 fee for the ticket. I was literally preparing the courage to call both my aunt and my cousin and explain I couldn’t make it because I couldn’t afford it– and then the invitation arrived in the mail. My first and only thought was “of course I want to be a part of this day and I will regret not going.” So I did what I do best – spent 2 hours checking and cross checking planes, trains and automobiles to get the best fare west. Around 5 am, I booked my return flight. It was like a weight lifted. If I go to Australia with a few less bucks, then so be it.

I had already asked for the days off from work, so I have a nice long 5 day weekend to spend in California. I am so excited because I’m flying directly into my very small hometown on Halloween, so I get spend that with family and friends. Also, I have prearranged an agreement between myself, a good friend and my darling brother that my visit to California is contingent on them going to a bikram class with me. They both agreed.

I haven’t been “home” to California in quite some time and the idea of reconnecting with my family and friends is just so heartwarming. Especially since I found this new part of my life and am dying to share it with the ones I love! After class today, on my way home (still brimming ear to ear) one on my favorite people texted me. She had been out of town for almost a month and she’s the only other person I know that does bikram regularly. Despite my needing to sleep, I invited her out for lunch. Poor her, all I did was talk about yoga. Several hours later and we were still talking about poses, the ones we love and the ones we hate.

I told her how that very morning I was able to see my mat during camel pose. SEE MY MAT?!?!?! That means, standing on my knees, I can bed my spine and head far enough back that my head curves under to see the very mat I’m kneeled upon. Also during bow pose (on the floor) I was able to roll up on my hip bones – comfortably! OK, semi-comfortably. I kept thinking “who am I?” “Whose body is this?” It’s mine!!

So 21 days, and the journey is still in full swing. I am so in love with this challenge. It is just one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. My heart is full.

Day 0 and Day 21
Day 0 and Day 21

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