The awkward blog when I can’t think of a creative title.

Day 22 / 21 classes

This morning was another great class. I would say less flexible than yesterday, but in a way I was stronger. One of the best things about the instructors is, although it is a basic script that they follow there is always something new that either you hear or they individually add.

I was able to be stronger in some of my poses today and really tried to focus on the reaction my body was having. Listening to my body and practicing breath control. I am getting so good and breathing only from my nose. The first few classes it was nearly impossible. Due to habit or exertion, I’m not sure, but now that I’m aware of it I can keep my mouth closed the whole time.

(Which coincidentally, is probably the only 90 minutes a day I can keep my mouth closed. HAHA!)

I saw my bikram buddy at class this morning, so that was really nice to have a quick catch up because I haven’t seen her since her 30th day. She started laughing and said “Yeah, well, I took two days off!” We both agreed that was well deserved. We had that conversation as she was handing over her credit card to sign up for the auto-renew package at the studio. She’s hooked.

I am one class behind and secretly really excited to make it up. I love the doubles. The consecutive¬† is really trying, but so far I’ve had great success with the non consecutive doubles. This weekend is going to be a “Me” weekend. My hotel chain offers great deals to staff at other properties, so I booked myself a hotel room for my off night- Sunday.

Now that I’ve cancelled my cable and internet in my apartment in order to pay for monthly bikram access (seriously) I am looking forward to a night of cable and internet. When I leave work Sunday morning I will head to yoga then hopefully check in after that, take a shower and a nap and make the busy 4:30 Sunday afternoon class.

Who knows though. I may just buy a bag of cheetos and some chocolate and lay naked on my king size bed watching reality tv and scrolling through facebook. Keepin’ it classy.

I debated for a while if I should “splurge” on the hotel room. When I finally decided I would it was for a number of reasons, but mostly I just want to not worry about dishes, laundry, bills, chores, etc and all the reminders one has at home. After making the decision the opportunity arose to work a few hours tomorrow helping out a friend and the payment is exactly what the hotel will cost. So it all balances out. =)

Lovin’ it! See you tomorrow!!

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