Work, Bikram, Protest, Sleep.

Day 23. 22 classes.

I think it’s funny that 23 days into it and I’m getting burned out on blog writing more than yoga doing. Today was good. The more you do certain postures the more you realize what you should be doing to get that perfect stretch or compression.

I am excited that this 30 day challenge is coming to end. I think mainly because it will take on an entirely different meaning going to class, when I don’t have any sort of accountability or pride attached – except that of which I give to myself.

A girl in the locker room today asked what day I was on. I told her it was my 23rd day. She gave me a weird look and was like “but you missed a bunch of classes, right, so you’re not doing the 30 days.” I told her I was and the only days I’ve skipped I’ve made up, except for the one class I’ll make up this week. And she gave me this weird look and was like “well I’m on my 19th day… in a row.”

It was a very very strange interaction. I’m not sure if she was trying to discount my challenge, prove hers or if she is really confused about how counting works. (She does seem like the type of girl who could get confused about how counting works.) It made me feel defensive. I didn’t say anything about it to her and just let it slide and she bounced out saying “see you tomorrow maybe.” It just felt dismissive. Especially since the challenge is officially “30 classes in 30 days.”

After class I hurried home to shower and change as I was due to meet people at noon. I agreed to help a friend conduct research at an Anti-Syria invasion protest. It was a great experience being at a protest, I haven’t been to one in years. I was with a friend and we spread out to get our quota of surveys. When the protest turned into a march, we marched with them to the next rally destination. During the 15 block walk through Chicago’s downtown Loop we had some great realizations.

The protesters were shouting “NO WAR” and other obvious statements. Mary, my friend, just turned to me and asked “do you think this mob of people realizes their walking through the streets of chicago screaming ‘war’?” And then everything just seemed meaningless. Part of my distaste for politics and fighting/arguing/debating them with any other human being is a person’s belief is a very very sacred thing.

For instance I support Pro-Choice, when it comes to marriage, baby having and any other non-harmful decisions any intelligent human being should be able to make on their own accord. Some people don’t agree with me. However, you can not tell me that I am wrong, because I don’t believe I am wrong. My beliefs come from my heart. Just like all the people today that believed invading Syria was wrong.

With out getting into political agendas here – I do agree with them. However, I did not feel that I was part of the protest. I felt more like a non-partisan bystander conducting research on behalf of a professor friend. On my way to the protest I was nervous about reactions from people. People get really heated during demonstrations. It was such an interesting environment to be completely lost in the middle of. Incredibly interesting. 3 hours into it, when our [paid] time was up- we left, exhausted. There was so much yelling and screaming and ultimately it was all negative.

It was a protest to promote peace that just seemed to be soaked in anger. Anger is an emotion that doesn’t translate well, these people were vectors for the very cause they were fighting against. I left the rally feeling a little empty.

This is something that will stick with me for a long time. Not the feeling of emptiness, but the equation that was left unsolved by so much effort and man power.

The fight never ends I guess. See you tomorrow.

My mom had this protest poster board displayed in our house while growing up.
My mom had this protest poster board displayed in our house while growing up.

2 thoughts on “Work, Bikram, Protest, Sleep.

  1. Have to comment on your interaction with the other woman at yoga. I felt creepy just reading it. What was her purpose…to feel better about herself by dissing you? And that “see you tomorrow, MAYBE”. Was the maybe for you or for her. Ick. Stay away from her. You are on such a positive path. No need to add negative energy to your experience.

    1. Yes, Jeri, it was strange. I do feel like she was trying to boost herself up a little. It was weird too because it was in the locker room, with all the other ladies listening too, so it wasn’t just a one of one conversation. I think she’s a little lost on her journey because when I notice her in class, I think she’s pretty rough on herself if she breaks a pose.

      But don’t worry – her negativity (even if perceived incorrectly by me) will not effect my positivity!!! TOO STRONG for that!

      Thanks for being so supportive of my challenge journey, Jeri.

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