It’s the final countdown. 26/30 T – 4 days.

Day 26 – 25th class.

I’m having an all around good day. Which actually started last night. After I wrote my blog and sort of let it all out, I felt better. Then when I went to the grocery store to buy a gross box of $1 pasta (I hate pasta)  I decided to look around before I grabbed the cardboard box of cardboard carbohydrates. I stumbled upon spaghetti squash – on sale.  I was able to buy the squash for $2 as well as $2 worth of ground beef and an $.89 can of diced tomatoes with olive oil and garlic to go on top. (I don’t like pasta sauce either)

Coming in way under my $10 budget, I was also able to get TWO redbox movies AND still have $2.30 left over. Now, in front of the check out stand, there were cupcakes. BIg cupcakes and they were $1.99 each. Literally my budget. However and despite my facebook comment which was to the effect of “I need a hug and a cupcake” I did not purchase the cupcake. Standing in front of the cupcake, eye to eye with the bright pink frosting I figured I would feel better if I did not get and inevitably eat the cupcake. And I was right.

I went home and popped in Pitch Perfect, while the squash sat in the oven. I had a lovely night in my clean apartment, sitting on the floor eating consciously and laughing hysterically at the silly antics that is Pitch Perfect. I ended up staying up to watch the 2nd movie too – Now You See Me. Not as enjoyable as the first, but it was just so nice to have some me time. I finally turned off the lights and TV between 2 and 3, and slept – so well, until around 10. This, to me, is a lot of sleep and sleeping in extremely late. I felt great when I woke up this morning and immediately got up and started getting my head ready for class.

My bus was late, er I was late… whatever, I didn’t get ON a bus until 11:35, knowing I was pushing it I closed my eyes and hoped to make it before she locked the door. Luckily, I did. I arrived about 11:58, ran to the locker room, with one swift movement ripped my clothes off while putting yoga clothes on. I got into the class room just as the instructor was saying “good afternoon.”

This was the first time I didn’t’ have time to adjust to the heat before starting class, but since it’s so hot out today, I think it evened out. I had a good class, strong and intentional. My favorite kind of class – when the glossy sweat drips down relentlessly for 90 minutes and I use it as a conscious reminder to be aware of my body. My spine stretching, lengthening, opening. It was great. I could feel the inside of my body enjoying class today. It was very steady, no major breakthroughs on poses.

After, I felt renewed and rejuvenated.  Stopped to chat on the way out and right off the bat the instructor said “Duffy, you had a great class today.” I was like “yeah, yeah I did…” I talked to her about my growing concern about scheduling this week as I am 1 class behind and need to figure out a way to fit it in. She said, don’t over do it, and if you need to take an extra day… I cut her off there. No! I said 30 classes in 30 days.  She laughed.

I found out yesterday that there’s a T-Shirt involved. Those who complete the 30 days get a shirt. My bikram buddy picked hers up yesterday and passively said “I’ll probably not even wear it.” I said “Man, I can’t wait to get mine – I’ll wear it every day.” It’s a big accomplishment. During our chat today the instructor was saying that the yoga isn’t the difficult part of the challenge, it’s everything else that comes with it – like scheduling. 7 days is a challenge, 30 days is unbelieveable.

Also during our chat, she looked me up and down and said I was looking good. To be honest – it was so nice to hear! Between bikram and work I see people so regularly only 4 people have said anything about my outward appearance, so I began to doubt if I was just making it all up. Granted, at work, my uniform is not flattering anyway, so I could lose 40 lbs and people would still think I was the michelin man.

She asked about my diet, if I had changed it. I told her between my work hours and budget, sometimes I’m lucky to eat anything at all, but when I can I chose better over bad. I did notice I cut out sweets. I used to have cookies, cakes or candy either at work or stop on my way home. I’d say now I have a treat once or twice a week, but the craving isn’t there anymore. Even the coffee I’m drinking now came sweetened with a a few drips of half and half and I regret it. I should have ordered a tea. (Coffee is cheaper)

So, here we are guys – the final, final stretch. Saturday is the day. 4 more days, 5 more classes. Already so proud, happy and excited about this wonderful challenge. Who ever could have guessed 26 days ago, that this is where I’d be with things. Crazy.

See you tomorrow!

How I feel about my 30 day challenge ending...
How I feel about my 30 day challenge ending…

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