27 days, it’s almost a habit.

Day 27 with 26 classes.

I walked in to the studio today, greeted by one of my favorite instructors. She is so calm, friendly and supportive. I haven’t seen her too much recently so right away she asked “what day is this?!”

I told her it was #27, and I was behind a class and that I just don’t know when I’m going to make it up. I told her I was tired and because of my work and the studio’s schedule Thurs/Fri are always awkward days for classes. The easiest day to do a double will be Saturday (my 30th day), but I know when I finish the 8am class I’m just going to want to run out and scream to the world “I DID IT! I FINISHED!” not go back in for another 90 minutes.

I was literally yawning as we were chatting before class. I was so tired that it would have been a day that I went home to sleep and came back for the p.m.  class had I not originally had intentions of doing a double today. She told me just to take it easy, since after all I did show up for the morning class.

For people that are really hard on themselves Bikram’s yoga is a great experience in lowering expectations. As you’re starting out just showing up is half the battle. The trick is once you get into the class room and it’s you against yourself you know you’re not going to let yourself slack. And today I didn’t.

It was a weird class because there were only about 15 of us, but it was so strangely hot to the point that before we even reached the balancing portion there were regulars already on the floor, taking a break. I didn’t sit out any poses today. I was hot and uncomfortable and wearing the shirt I dislike the most (because it annoyingly sticks to my body, not like a cotton tank which absorbs sweat – which is what I usually wear) but the 90 minutes moved swiftly enough by.

When I was done I felt good. I was still so tired and toyed with the idea of doing a consecutive double, but because of my schedule – I had to sleep. I went home thinking I could get about 6 hours and wake up in time to make the last class of the day. I got home, ate oatmeal, showered and fell into bed. My alarm went off on time at 6pm and as I rolled up in bed to greet my morning I thought “Nope.”

My body felt good, but I felt like I wasn’t done releasing whatever it is body’s release at night. I believe my body needed the extra 3 hours of sleep and I’m glad I rested more. When I woke up again around 9p I felt ready to start my day. Because it will be Thursday class tomorrow that means there’s no 8a, which means I will have to go home and either sleep to take the pm class or wait around until the 10am class. Either way, I didn’t have to lug my yoga bag full of clothes, towel, water with a mat on top to work and I considered that a nice change. I wore a dress to celebrate.

I was in a pleasant mood on my way to work, very matter of fact. When I got to work I was a little more upset because everyone was just so high strung. I don’t adjust well to other people’s energies, especially when I am feeling super calm and relaxed. I had to work on the phones tonight, which means I sit down and work in the back so I just sat there minding my own business looking up bikram yoga 30 day challenge blogs.

I found one from a studio in NYC that said something like a student can only miss 2 days worth of classes and perform 2 doubles to count. I missed 3 days. One from scheduling and 2 because I had done doubles the day before and didn’t want to overuse my body. So then my mood completely sunk and I felt like I had failed. Then I kept reading different rules from different studios. Sure enough, one from my studio popped up on the list.

Another student did a 30 day bikram and blog challenge and they posted it on the website, she interviewed the owner and manager of our studio this was the first Q & A.

How can someone prepare mentally and physically for the 30-day challenge?
This 30-day challenge requires you attend at least 26 classes in 30 days.  This allows for one day off each week.  Doing it every day might be draining and, according to Bikram himself, “Only weird people do yoga on Sunday.”  He’s joking, of course, but the day off will allow you to recharge.  Definitely the hardest part of any multi-day challenge is COMING TO CLASS.  Once you get here, though, you’re here!  As for physical preparation: Be well-hydrated. Eat protein. Don’t eat heavy 2 hours before. Come in and do the best you can.

So then, after reading that, I realized that technically I have already succeeded. Today was my 26th class in 27 days. So now I feel better.

Stand Bow Pulling Pose
Stand Bow Pulling Pose
Japanese Ham Sandwich, more like Irish/Jewish Turkey wrap.
Japanese Ham Sandwich, more like Irish/Jewish Turkey wrap.












So obviously I worked up the courage to ask to have my picture taken. She asked me which pose I wanted and I said standing bow is so typical I didn’t want that one, but she said I looked really strong today. I’m glad she took a pic of me in that pose, because I can see how strong I am, even though I’ve gotten my leg higher, I am pure focus and strength there.

The other- my favorite – Japanese Ham sandwich. Really, it’s part of the half moon bends (sideways, backward, forward) but I affectionately call it JHS. It’s the best because I always feel the best. During the first set I can’t get my hips relaxed enough that my torso can bend more forward and down and then always in the 2nd set I can and that feeling is priceless.

It’s funny to see pictures of myself, from a different angle. I am facing toward the mirror and so I see myself head on. When she handed me back my ipod I didn’t want to look at first, I knew what I was going to see – fat. It’s sad and it’s true and I did. I immediately cringed when I saw the pics thinking I look horrible. I thought “Well, no one is going to see these ha-ha, because I’m not going to post them, ha-ha.”

So here they are. (ha-ha) Here I am. I’m not anything if I’m not completely, painfully, insecurely, vulnerably, open and honest with myself – and with you.

3 thoughts on “27 days, it’s almost a habit.

  1. Is yoga about weight or about openness, focus, and flexibility? I am SURE there are some size 2’s out there who cannot do what you are doing in these pictures. Congrats on your 27th day. Don’t go looking for proof that you’ve failed (i.e. the rules of another yoga studio 1000 miles away). You have accomplished a wonderful thing with discipline and motivation.

    1. Thanks for your support Jeri. I think it wa important for me to share my thoughts about seeing a picture of myself, because it is part of the journey. Yoga is for mind and body health. I think it’s important to be open about the negative side one has of themself in hopes of becoming aware of it and eventually stopping it. It’s a shame that those are the things I think about when I see myself, and that’s why I’m working to change that…

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