28 days

Day 28 and my 27th class!

Oy, the 10am… Got off work at 7, hurried home and immediately threw some clothes in the wash. I had exactly 90 minutes before I needed leave to head back downtown for class. ALL of my yoga/workout/tanktops/leggings/anything that could pass in a bikram class were dirty so I HAD to clean them. Plus, I wanted to have my favorite yoga capris fresh and clean for my impending double. Laundry was done and the time crunch was on. I was so tired I had taken naps during the wash and dry cycles.

Had my clothes for the next 3 days, so I just grabbed a set and ran out of the door.  I arrived to the studio moments before the class began. It was surprisingly full, at least more than my normal 8ams. The only comfortable spot left was front and center next to the podium. I took that spot confidently, knowing I wouldn’t be shaken if I felt extra eyes on me.

It was good to be there because it made me want to do a little bit better. Not that anyone really has time to focus on someone else during class. However, there are eyes constantly moving about especially if you’re unsure what to do or how to improve, naturally you look to others to learn.

My mind was not still during class. This double has just cosumed me and is looming over my head. I was very tempted to stay and do the double today, but the timing would not have been ideal and I would not have arrived home until after 2, leaving just around 6 hours of sleep. That wouldn’t have been enough time for my body to rest after a double. So tomorrow is the day.

The new bellman at work who had wanted to go with me originally got fired a few days ago. He was caught sleeping on the job. Cardinal sin of the overnights. Especially at this job, we all have an understanding, if it’s a rough night – someone will cover for you to run to 7-11 to by a redbull. Anything, just don’t fall asleep. He was hired to replace a bellman who has now transfered to the front desk and so he is going with me to yoga in the morning.

I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for the double tomorrow. Some days I want to stay in the class room because it’s addicting and I just want to sweat more, move more, stretch more. However, at 2am in the morning, while standing at a front desk with an empty lobby all I want to do is sleep more.  I have a little knot in my stomach – nerves. Almost reminds me of the night before my first class.

I’m sure tomorrow will be great. I know I can do a double and I know I will not NOT do a double because I want to know I completed 30 classes in 30 days. Perhaps tomorrow’s blog will be more inspiring… or inspired.

Day 28 - 4 weeks!
Day 28 – 4 weeks!


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