Bula, my friend.

Wow. It’s real. It happened… I left and then I arrived.

LAX – Feb 27th, 2014. Wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be, more eager to be on and off the plane as quickly as possible. Much to my surprise the new-ish model of the plane was comfy (until the girl in front of me plopped her seat back as far as it could go). Nice selection of movies, food, free beer… what more could a gal on the way to Fiji want?

NAN – March 1st, 2014. Arrived in Nadi (pronounced Nandi) around 5 am – still dark. Dark as in pitch black. The only lights to be seen on the island were those few shining from the airport.

The day has been long, so, so long. Intervals of sleep and I’m in Fiji, a whole world away from where I just was a few hours ago.

Haven’t left the hostel all day. It’s been full of swimming, napping, sandwich eating, smoking, drinking, kava circles, guitar playing and most importantly – friend making.

Already made some great friends today! One of which, won me over with her great sense of adventure and so I decided to join her tomorrow on a 2 day trip to another island. There are rumours of snorkeling. Who knows? Fish freak me out. So THAT would truly be an adventure.

From the states, Fiji seemed so far away, like it was another life time. Now, that I’ve been here a full day I see it less as a geographical hurdle and more as a mental one. To leave work, friends, apartments, lives to travel the world is not as scary and uncommon as one would think, because when you arrive in a hostel on the other side of the world – you meet a lot of people who’ve done the same.

Along with those who travel for a week or two at a time, are those that are on 8 and 9 month backpacking tours through the world.

What a beautiful night I’ve had sitting in a circle drinking Kava with complete strangers, feeling completely at home. The locals are singing their native songs just over t my left as I type this and behind me the waves slap against the sound to trance you into relaxation.

I know I haven’t don’t a proper job explaining how amazing and beautiful this entire experience. It strikes me at different times, fleeting moments of complete and utter amazement and the fact that I am finally here and really doing it. I’m in Fiji, I came to stay in Nadi for 4 days but met a girl I want to hang out with and am going to her to Mana tomorrow.

This is already amazing. Even with the mosquitos.


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