Smoke & Mirrors

It has been brought to my attention that the state of the world is, eh, not so good these days. There is a lot going on and it’s taken me quite a while to process it in my head.
I see a lot of things. I see people living their lives day to day as if sludging through a muddy ditch. The problem with that particular ditch- there is no end. Sort of like when you work at a restaurant and you have to do roll ups. (For those non hospo types, that’s when you dedicate an inhuman amount of hours rolling silverware in a napkin for meal service.)
I was doing my 50 roll ups today and was thinking “Oh if I hurry I can finish this batch of polishing silver and roll ups and be all set for tomorrow.” This was at lunch. When I walked through the restaurant at dinner I realized all my precious roll ups were unrolled and a fresh new batch awaited my undivided attention tomorrow.
That’s what I feel like life is like these days. We think we’re getting somewhere, when really it’s just a constant struggle against the same forces over and over and over and over again. Don’t get me wrong there are a few who live outside the ditch. There are a few who take breaks every now and then and see what’s above. However, for the rest of us, we live and work in the trenches.
So, here we are, TOGETHER in the trenches and what do we do? We fight, pull, backstab, judge, gossip, disbelieve, fake support and do so many other dirty, rotten things to each other out of FEAR that another person will get just one foot ahead of us in the same damn bloody trench!
The US Supreme court yesterday passed something* that said that a corporation* can now act on its religious beliefs*. Basically – and for the point of this essay – my only point is that my facebook is FLOO-OO-OO-ded with people upset, ashamed, oppressed, boycotting Hobby Lobby and utterly going bonkers on their social media pages about how woman’s right to choose has just been violated.
Just hear me out:
1) This wasn’t a vote against birth control or abortion or a woman’s right to choose. This was a judgement made by America’s highest court saying that a certain type of corporation has the right to choose NOT to supply a certain type of birth control in the health care they provide for their employees.
1.1) We still have the right to choose. Where we work, etc…
2) This is what we call ‘skating on thin ice’ because of this ruling all sorts of corporations can think up all sorts of religious reasons to screw over their employee’s health rights. (This is when we need to march on Washington)
3) I don’t understand why President Obama (government) and his good friend pharmaceutical companies can’t get fucked and subsidize birth control through a public or private outlet. Surely there’s a way. Shirley.
In all honesty, I think what bothers me most about this whole supreme court non-sense is that people are getting infuriated and it seems like they are still misinformed. I’m not sure if people are out there trying to get their hands on information but because of a media bias are unable to find cold hard facts. OR if because we live in world of GIF’s where attention spans can’t even last the length of a video so it needs to be shortened to a few seconds of “GET TO THE POINT OR I’LL KEEP SCROLLING!” and people don’t read they skim or browse now.
A perspective I’ve been lucky enough to gather from my short time here in Australia is one of great unjust. It’s really been bothering me lately, and it’s the racism against Australia’s indigenous people – the Aboriginal natives. There is so much to say about this and not having a very long term experience with either side I can only report what I feel. White people are so negative and outright against the Aboriginal people. They (white people) (not all) call them drunks, untrustworthy, low lives, dirty, ungrateful and altogether unworthy of what little they’ve been left with.
This type of flat out blatant and outrageous racism never seemed that apparent to me in the states, against Native Americans. However, since Australia is so behind the times in a lot of things one would have to imagine that their mentality towards their original land owners is similar to that which our slithery American ancestors acted with.
Having a conversation with a white Aussie lady tonight about it after hearing her repetitive derogatory remarks, and having no qualms with “the blacks” myself asked if she thought their behaviour was a conditioned response. She agreed it could be, but couldn’t believe how so she said “we’ve given them too much.”
I couldn’t even stand it in my head how ridiculous it sounded. I was instructed that I couldn’t allow Aborigines to use the toilets in the hotel lobby because they would shit on the walls and spread it all around. SERIOUSLY. THIS IS WHAT I WAS TOLD – AT WORK.
There’s something going on in the world. Right now I’m calling it smoke and mirrors. We’re all focused on the wrong aspect of the illusion. The illusion being this sort of society that we’ve built where we glorify all the wrong things and because have an ugly, petty, selfish society where egos run wild but children are locked to their apple products.
Everybody that has an opinion wants to voice it. We want all like minded people to line up behind us and shout our names in praise. The world doesn’t work like that. We can get behind mass ideas with a figure head, but it’s certainly not going to be someone scratching their ass sitting in front of a computer screen.
In order to make changes we have to band together. We have to set this world straight. We have to stick together as a human chain to get us out of these trenches. There is nothing someone can say (including me) that can make YOU change. Change comes from within. We can march on Washington, we can protest and cause a fuss against the big boys on capitol and 1% hill.
However, if we don’t stick together as a lower class, a class that is oppressed by their lack of knowledge, effort and willingness to work together than we will always be victims to those who look down on the trenches; Those who light the fires to roast their marshmallows when from below all we see is smoke.



*I’m tired. Look up articles yourself. Read at least 7 before you respond.


One thought on “Smoke & Mirrors

  1. Duffy–Good to see you back at the keyboard. It is interesting (and incredibly sad) how colonized countries (the US and Australia being two) demonize the cultures and the people they displaced or enslaved. When people are so poor that every day they must work for that day’s bread, there is little time or energy or HOPE to band together for the better of all.

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