“Obsession” (Day 6)

I’m exhausted. Literally, utterly, totally, horribly exhausted. Too much physical work in the past 2 days and not enough sleep. Not to mention for some rude reason, my room has all of a sudden decided to boil up. And my AC doesn’t work.

I was enjoying my afternoon so much today. After finishing my 2nd day of housekeeping this week (3rd is Fri) I came home to relax as I don’t have to work until half one tomorrow afternoon! My brother called just after work and we chatted for a while.

It was so fantastic to have a great chat with him! We just were silly and then mid conversation I realized I was still dying of thirst from heat/work so I walked to the store with him on the phone. I needed a cold, sweet treat. So he talked me through the options – FRUIT. That’s all he kept suggesting. Haha. So I kept walking around the small store to look for something that wasn’t cookies or a bar of dark chocolate (which undoubtedly I would have consumed in one sitting). We stumbled upon SORBET! Jake said “totally vegan” so I grabbed the container and read off the ingredients to him. The only one we both didn’t know its origins was “pectin.” My brother had been strumming his guitar, but I made him stop to look up pectin on the internets since my battery was already flashing red, I didn’t wanna risk total burn out and be stuck in the store holding a container of sorbet a-la   pectin and not know if it was animal or not!

Whew. It’s fruit pectin – totally vegan! It was on special too for $7. (I know Americans don’t consider that a sale, but it’s $2 cheaper than the regular price of $9) Can you imagine buying ice cream and the cheapest you could get was $9? Devastating.

(Please read that in the joke that it is hashtag first world humor, k?)

While I was walking home my brother was thawing out his rib eye steak for dinner and I was walking towards brown rice and tofu. However when I got home, still hot and flushed from the day and the short jaunt down the road I just couldn’t eat hot food and had a taste for my taco salad that I had for lunch as well. So I threw it all together in the flour tortillas and the most amazing thing happened –

I ate two. Had enough stuffings left for a third taco and really wanted another one because they were so nice. Tasty and light on a warm summer night hit the spot. So I sat there at the table, for 10 minutes to wait to see if I was still hungry. I was. I ate a third. (A flirt with self – control is it?????)

Then I waited even longer to have dessert! I’m telling you – who is this girl? Cut my watermelon quarter up into cubes and put them into easy grab containers and the bits that didn’t fit I threw into a bowl and topped with three generous spoonfuls of passionfruit sorbet. Sweet and tangy.

Although I woke up this morning and wanted a cigarette, probably because of the exhaustion, but other than that not really tempted.  I have a pretty good mindset on wanting to do well. Like when I went to the shop – there ARE plenty of sweet treat options I could have that would do nothing for my well being. So that’s why I opted for a smarter choice which still hit the spot, filled the craving AND I wasn’t tempted to go overboard even.

I feel a little redundant today as it’s good news all around – challenges completed. With the exception of mediation which I can’t wait to do tonight because I’m opting for a guided one that I have on my ipod and makes me so relaxed I’m sure to drift off peacefully tonight.

I know the challenge was German  BUT today I was cleaning a room for two Italian guests and one was kinda super creepy and kept staring at the ole T&A. He kept saying to me things in Italian, which weren’t offensive – it was like beautiful, cute, pretty but then I had had enough and said “thanks, bye” in Italian and he stopped me and in Italian asks “you speak Italian?” “No… only Spanish” Then he started speaking fluently in Spanish and I was like SHIT.

But we actually had a nice chat in Spanish/Italian for about 15 minutes. I was pretty impressed with myself to be honest. I didn’t realize I was that fluent. It was great to exercise my language muscle with someone… until it got creepy and he asked where my room was and what size my bed was. Typical. CAN I PLEASE MEET A MAN THAT DOESN’T WANT TO BANG ME BECAUSE I HAVE BLUE EYES AND A BIG BUTT?

Geeze, Louise. Anyway – swearing off guys for a while too! And the obsessive-compulsive thinking that goes with them. 😉

True story. Love you all. See you tomorrow!!!!

Thought I forgot - didn't ya?
Thought I forgot – didn’t ya?

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