“Shit” (Day 9)

Let’s be honest: I got really drunk last night and didn’t complete my challenges.

Let’s be proud: I got really drunk last night and didn’t have a cigarette.

I want to touch your heiny.
I want to touch your heiny.

It dawned on me last night, around 3 am to google whether Heineken was vegan or not. According to the internet, Heineken IS vegan, as well as the shots of Jack Daniels I also had. So I feel good about that.

Shall I tell you how all of this started? Well, it was Friday and my last shift of housekeeping for the week. As we all would imagine my Thursday blog breakthrough was still present in my mind upon waking up on a very hot summer morning yesterday. Not eager or excited to go to work and with only a handful of hours slept I wandered on down to work.

Was pleasantly surprised to find out I didn’t have as many rooms as normal but no “extra” work was assigned so I knew I could just go really slow. Mid-day comes along and the hskpg supervisor comes flying into a room that I’m cleaning “YOU HAVE TO DO 3 ROOMS OVER AGAIN.” To do a room over is a lot of fucking work… did I miss a dead body or something? Pool of blood in the middle of the room, why do I have to do these 3 rooms over? He pulls out his phone and shows me snapshots Room 1) 3 crumbs on the corner of the table Room 2) A missed hair on the floor in the bathroom Room 3) A crumb at the bottom of the mini fridge.

Call the cops.

I get it. I didn’t do it properly. When you check into a motel of course you don’t want to see hair or crumbs. But taking a picture, interrupting me while I’m cleaning another room, insisting I do the whole room over, making a huge deal out of it and acting like the world is ending is not okay. Dude, flick the crumbs off the table for me. Take a picture to show me what YOU fixed for me. Don’t take the picture and then send me back there. It just is so menial and blown out of proportion, I feel. OR maybe I’m being hyper sensitive of what feels like criticism.

No. It’s annoying.

So that pissed me off. Cut to a few hours/rooms later a guest that’s been here a while has his backpack on so I shouted across the parking lot “HEY WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING!?” He laughed and said his equipment isn’t here yet for work so he’s going home for a week and will be back to finish the job and that he left 5 beers in the fridge and they’re all mine.

This was about 2 o’clock. By 4 pm, my quitting time I had thought about those beers. Finally went up to his vacant room and saw the green bottles of happiness resting coldly in the mini fridge. Grabbed them, walked back to my room and within 46 minutes 4 of them had been emptied into my mouth.

Beer has never tasted so good.

Needless to say, I got drunk quite quickly and let that feel ride. My intention was to have one or two more at the bar and then go home and have a good sleep, but things never work out the way you plan hey?

AT LEAST I was smart enough to think about eating before I ventured out further and made a strange dinner of 3 mini tortillas with mashed avocado and a scoop of lentils on top. I couldn’t tell if this was an all time high or an all time low for me. It was definitely a makeshift, what’s in my drawer meal, but it was actually so tasty and surprisingly hearty that I might go get some more tortillas and have that for lunch today. It’s also nice to be eating light because it is pretty, pretty hot here.

It does suck to be hungover because that definitely impairs judgement similarly to when you’re drunk the difference is drunk you don’t have consequences and hungover you don’t care about the consequences you need convenience by way of a cheeseburger.

Violet your turning violet, Violet!
Violet your turning violet, Violet!

One thought on ““Shit” (Day 9)

  1. Duffy–difference in people: I would have gotten pissed if the housekeeping supervisor came in and told me what she had “done for” me. I’d rather fix it myself and remind myself I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of letting it happen again. what does it mean to do a room over if that is all that was wrong. Was she going to stand there and watch you Hoover it again or something? Congrats on not having a cigarette. I liked your two perspectives. Have you ever read “The Art of Possibility”? It is a short book but it has some real interesting stuff in it about perspective. I highly recommend it. If you were closer I’d send you a copy. Download it.

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