“Fly” (Day 17)

I can not believe it’s been 17 days already! I think I’ve broken each of my challenges at least once, with the exception of veganism. I probably should have done a better challenge tracker but the vegan part is the one that I truly find most challenging, therefore it has consumed my focus. Which is surprising, since I was a full time smoker 18 days ago…

I am eagerly awaiting the end of this challenge for the simple fact that I want some meat. I thought perhaps is was a restriction thing, and that I was craving what had now been forbidden. That is partly true, and also partly due to the fact that for 30 years I’ve had meat freely with my meals and considered it the main attraction of a plate.

I do enjoy having a plant based meal plan and hope to continue similar practices as the time goes on. I ordered a spinach salad tonight at work which is usually accompanied by feta cheese and I always ask for a chicken breast with it. On the menu it doesn’t even come with a meat, but I always felt it wouldn’t be enough and wouldn’t be satisfying without the meat.

So tonight when I ordered it, because I just felt like something that wasn’t warm, cooked veggies one of the guys in the kitchen asked if I wanted pineapple with it – so it became pumpkin, pineapple, pinenuts and ‘pinach (ha. alliteration, for the win.) It was delicious, filling and satisfying. Just an instance of changing my mindset.

I’m at a loss for what I will be making for food this week, although excited that my routine schedule will kick in to place starting Monday for my last month of work. Evening shifts make life so much easier for me now – because it means I get to stay up late and only have to buy food for breakfast and lunch as I get a shift meal at night.

I’ll hate to bore you with my breakfast selfies but unless pinterest comes up with some great ideas it will be mexican and greek wraps for the next 12 days.

I already am planning my birthday breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes. I was thinking of waking up early to have breakfast at work, but I may consider making it myself. (They don’t do breakfast in Australia the same or as good as we do in the states) It’s a tragedy, really.

I also spent time at work today browsing online party stores wanting to buy myself stuff to decorate for my own birthday party. Both the chef and the assistant manager were making fun of me for wanting to buy stuff for my own party. How soon they forget the tornando of party planning I was in October leading up to our Halloween party that was (funny enough) moved to another space because a tornando touched down on our roof and tore it off.

How soon we all forget!

They also should know how stubborn and controlling I am by now. It’s been 5 months. I was given permission to have a BBQ on site here and even permission to not sell rooms in that certain part of the motel which would allow us to have sort of a private, outside, event. Essentially it will be staff as we all live and work together and just have handfuls of other, outside friends. So I want it to be something different.

We’re always together so I don’t want it to feel like just another night. I want it to feel like MY 30TH BIRTHDAY PARTY! Plus, it’s starting around 8 or 9 o’clock when the sun finally sets and everyone finishes work. So I’m worried people will come over for “a drink” and then leave. It’s always hard planning a party with co-workers because inevitably, someone always has to work.

My planned theme was Mexican Fiesta because well, Margaritas. I tried explaining a pinata to a co-worker and that I was going to spend $20 on it and he thought I was crazy. Whatever, if you’ve never hit a pinata, you’ve never truly lived is what I always say.

I haven’t placed the order for the pinata as yet. I’m still deciding. I don’t care about the money in situations like these. It’s like, so clearly I can hear my dad saying “well what the hell is money for if you don’t spend it?” I agree. People work hard to save, like I’ve done for 5 months. I have over 5 grand in my bank account right now. So what if I spend $200 on decorations, food, drinks and a new dress. I deserve it.

Also, want to make sure they remember their celebrating an American’s birthday with a classic game of beer pong. Hoping to think of cool things to do for the party. I don’t think it will matter as much to anyone else. And for the record, it’s never mattered much to me. I believe this is the first birthday I’ve wanted a “party” instead of the standard night out at a bar. I’m happy with my 10 co-working friends here and having a night where we all get to hang out instead of half of us on one side of the bar while the other half is on the other half of the bar.

Also, since we close on Christmas and no one really celebrates I’d like to take over planning that day too by having an American Thanksgiving dinner followed by a water balloon fight. A girl can dream…


Quite the spread, I know. Was out of hummus and tortillas for my greek wrap, so I used my greek mix and left over avocado on toast. Added some himalayan pink salt and kalamata olives while drinking my can of coconut water. Followed by some cantaloupe which was delicious and the banana had to wait until lunch because I was full.

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