“Unplanned” (Day 18)

Oh, today. Another day of days. Another day of challenges and another day of incompleteness. This time I feel a little more guilty as I could have said “No” to the cigarettes I partook in, for the sake of the challenge.

However a co-worker had an impromptu birthday party so a few of us went. It was one of those sort of awkward, thrown together, “It’s my birthday let’s drink!” type thing and being a Sunday, everyone was in a mellow mood.

Needless to say – his wife was all about the party. A very tiny Cambodian woman and she took down 3/4 of a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label within 1-2 hours. She was pretty drunk, pretty quick.

We sat and watched her demise trying not to be rude by pointing out her drunkness, but it was awkward because then she became the stereotypical drunk and went around hugging everyone and telling them she loved them. It was nice. I love hugs.

So I sat outside in the heat with the boys and let my temptation get the best of me. I have felt lately like things have just been let go. I feel like the worst of the ride is over and now is just the cruise-y part.

I was, of course 100% vegan eating today, as you can see by my very healthy breakfast on the go of a banana. Yes, I know what you’re thinking “wow, she had to eat her healthy breakfast on the run because she must have gotten up early to do a bunch of productive and world saving things.”

Then you find out that I stayed up til 6 am and woke up close to 4pm when my CPBFF knocked on my door to make sure I was alive. I feel like I failed at life today. Who wakes up at 4 pm? It’s been so hot and without AC I didn’t even feel like trying to make a decent breakfast, so her and I just went directly to the store so we could stock up on our health foods for the week.


I really wanted junk food. I feel worn thin with this food challenge, because it’s getting more and more difficult – mentally. I thought I would use this 30 days as an excuse to go to the gym and take care of me physically but because I am working almost 8 hour days, 6 days a week and trying to do 10 challenges simultaneously whilst planning my 30th birthday party, Christmas, a month of Australian travel, 3 months of Asia travel, 4 months stateside, 2 months European travel, 2 months stateside and a trip to New Zealand, for some reason my head is in travel/party mode.

There are no restrictions in travel mode, which is why I NEEDED to quit/stop/cutback/relax/ease up on the smoking. It was getting to be too much. So even now 2 or 3 cigarettes is not the end of my world. I will survive.

My Coober Pedy Bestie asked me today if I will be eating vegan after the challenge. We had a chat about it and I really can’t tell yet. However I did explain to her one of the differences is how aware you are of what goes in your body. Which I love, but is hard work.

For instance, at work when I try to eat healthy I will order a chicken wrap for lunch. That consists of a tortilla with chicken, cheese, aioli, lettuce, tomato, onion, sometimes ketchup and a side of fries. The vegan version is the tortilla with lettuce, tomato, onion and maybe ketchup. Gross. But you think of the calories in the chicken, cheese, aioli and fries and that’s really a lot of extra stuff you’re putting into your body and not realizing.

It’s kind of gross when you start reading labels. So I hope that I do in face keep label-reading as a part of my routine. At the store today I was going to buy something that I read the label on and there was a lot of things in the ingredients list and I put it in my basket and almost immediately took it out thinking “that’s too many ingredients for food.”

Also, I didn’t do the language tonight. That’s my worst challenge. I haven’t done a strong effort on it. I’d like to officially renounce my language challenge as I don’t speak German after 18 days and only remember 4 things of Sinhalese. Steff – I owe you an Australian present. =)

Still deciding on what to do for my birthday. I think we decided it will now be on that Saturday since tonight’s Sunday night party felt like a Sunday night party. And Sunday’s are only fundays if you have the whole day off. So people may come late to the Saturday party but at least we can all recuperate together on Sunday.

I’m not sure if I’m going to buy decorations now since I was made fun of. Haha. The boys won’t give a shit what it looks like and my CPBestie got mad at  me today because I told her I was going to bake my own cake and she said no don’t do it and me not getting that she meant NO. DON’T. DO. IT. kept talking about it until she threw a bag of cake stuff at me and fell on her bed all dramatic like “I was gonna bake your cake for you.”

Then I felt bad. I told her she still can, I was just talking and I’ve never had a surprise cake before. I’ve never really had a birthday party before – since being a child, which is why it’s become a thing now and I don’t know what to do.

What a great life, aye? Turning 30 and too many options. Couldn’t be luckier…

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