“Inconceivable” (Day 20!)


Do you know what is inconceivable? The fact that my mom sent my 3 pounds of my absolute favorite chocolates from California, which I received today, opened, shared with all the people at work AND DID NOT HAVE ONE MYSELF.

Did you hear that? I DID NOT HAVE ONE.

We opened the 1 pound box of scotchmallows, so I watched as everyone individually tried the exotic Califonia confection for the first time. They all loved it, duh. Everybody loves See’s Candy.

I am saving the other box for the first day after the challenge where I will undoubtedly wake up and have a bacon, egg, chocolate and cigarette sandwich. Self-control for the win.


Today was another good day. Now that one of my annoying bosses is gone on holiday, life and work are very simple. This next month should be fun as now I feel I get to enjoy myself since I don’t have to constantly walk on eggshells and be uber conscious of what I say and do while at work.

I haven’t been sleeping the past few nights as my body clocked jumped horribly off schedule after one very late night. So now that it is 11 pm and I have completed all my challenges for the day, I am going to turn off the lights and electronics and try to sleep. Ideally I will wake up early tomorrow before my alarm goes off.

I’m sure there will be much more to say tomorrow!



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