Treat (Day 21)

Today was a day of treats!

My Coober Pedy Bestie brought me dairy free – vegan chocolate at work AND when I walked into work the chef was happy to tell me that today was the day they changed the oil in the deep fryer which meant I could have an order of fries!

Haha. Seemingly unimpressive but with so many restrictions when you get a hot and fresh order of chips and ketchup to mark the close of the 3rd week in a 4 week challenge- it’s exciting. And it was just a small serve, so not too much guilt.


They wondered why I couldn’t have the chips before, but I told them as the deep fryer was shared with meaty foods I didn’t feel it was challenge appropriate. Of course I could have since the potatos are vegan, but it’s about the whole inclusive picture, not just the obvious one.

I feel like I haven’t been too obscenely healthy this week. Although this isn’t about losing weight, I am weighing myself weekly and measuring myself just to keep tabs. So I will be interested to see my weight come tomorrow as I have been eating a more convenient diet of pastas and wraps verses creative veggies and salads.

It’s been so hot in the outback that in the morning I don’t feel like eating much and at night I want something heavier and more comforting. The good news is, is without the meat I can eat a whole bowl of pasta with veggies and be full but not feel heavy, sluggish and gross.

That is truly incredible. I am going to work really hard to remember that come the end of this challenge! Yes, that weekend – my birthday weekend – will be meat, cigarette and drink packed. However when the Monday rolls around I would like to incorporate a plant based, paleo inspired, easy on the meat diet. WHAT? I know. It makes no sense, kind of.

And then in the 6 weeks after when I get to Asia – all bets are off because I’m eating one of everything. However, I will try to incorporate exploration walks into my daily routine whilst abroad so I can help burn off those exotic foods.

Another day in the books, another day of life appreciated.

taco salad burrito wrap
taco salad burrito wrap

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