“Almost” (Day 23)

Time seems to be going so quickly. It’s already been 23 days of the challenge! Which is funny because as of today I have 23 days left in Coober Pedy.

It’s all happening so fast. 7 more days of the challenge, 8 days until my birthday and from there 10 days until Christmas Eve and then just 3 days later I’ll be on the bus headed north to the Red Center and a visit to Uluru.

Yesterday was a rough day for me. One of those days where the time to leave couldn’t come quick enough while today is one of those days where my sentimentality is getting the better of me, and I’m already starting to look at things with a rose coloured hue.

I do feel light minded now just sort of along for the ride. I spent most of my shift looking up travel plans for my last month in Oz. Looking to go discover the east coast a little more and some of the beaches I’ve missed. Still debating on a trip to Perth and or Tasmania as I’m trying to be budget conscious even though I think I’m actually going to hit my goal, or be very, very close to it.

A co-worker made fun of me today because I was excited about having 6 grand in my bank account for travel. He laughed as he is a married man with 2 kids and a lot of responsibility and probably has much more saved. However, being a single lady with just travel and fun on my mind I’d say 6 grand is good for 5 months of work.

It’s always a good feeling when you set a goal and reach it. The next few years are going to revolve around a very specific set of goals for me. Ones that I hope to propel me further in my life. I really feel like I’m getting a good grasp on the understanding of setting my own goals.

When I first got to Oz and met up with a friend from NY she said “saving money is the easiest thing. put it in an account and DON’T TOUCH IT” and I laughed to myself. It never feels that simple and I always mis-calculate and end up touching it.

Feeling good. Feeling strong… No seriously, my arms are so strong. I think the push up challenge has been helpful! I’ve got guns. You know, little ones…

Buying bread was just an excuse to put avocado on something.

One thought on ““Almost” (Day 23)

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