“Cupcakes” (Day 25!)

Let’s cut to the chase, this sexy little thing over here made some pretty bomb cupcakes today. Unfortunately the frosting was like a sweet, sugary coconut bomb. I know, as against wars and weapons as I am if there had to be one kind of bomb in the world I would definitely vote for sugar coconut bomb.

I read on one of my vegan sites about a quick way to make an “accidentally vegan” cake. Just add a can of pop to the boxed cake mix. Seriously. So I did. I bought the cheapest version of chocolate cake mix (the more expensive ones have milk traces) and a can of Dr. Pepper. Sorted.

The cakes were amazing…. light, airy, fluffy, moist AND delicious but not too heavy, rich or sweet. Not to mention I ripped the bag open, put it in a bowl, poured the can of soda in, mixed it all together. I had the cupcake tin lined and was pouring mix within 10 minutes. These were BY FAR the easiest, cleanest cupcakes I have ever made. And I love to make cupcakes.

dr. chocolate
dr. chocolate

The frosting was a wee bit trickier. Trying a very new method to me – making whipped cream out of coconut cream. The trick is to be vigilant in making sure it is not too liquidy. Mine was too liquidy. So I added powdered sugar in to “thicken” it up but really just sweetened it up. But that was okay, too, because I ultimately just lathered on a moderate spoonful verses a half of cup had it been buttercream.

coco whip
coco whip

Also because of my detour yesterday I was already feeling a little guilty so I did as I usually do – make 2 half cupcakes for the baker. One to have after they come out of the oven to ensure I remembered all the ingredients (ha, I’ve literally forgotten to add sugar before when making from scratch) but in this case it was because I was so eager to try them!

They were delicious! And I was thrilled!

Then I made dinner and let them cool and resumed later with the whipped frosting. I got the can of coconut cream (you can use coconut milk) out of the fridge and carefully opened it and scooped out the creamy part and left the liquid in the can. However, not all of it had separated and I should have left the soppy bits as I ended up having too much anyway.

Then you just mix the cream until it whips up and add a bit of powered sugar, vanilla extract and I added a hint of coconut extract because I’m as obsessed with coconut as I am with avocado. The extract or “essence” helped as the coconut cream is real coconut and tastes as such, not the sweet kind we’re used to in candies and as flavouring.

yeahhh girl
yeahhh girl

Because the whole project was so quick and easy I decided it was time well spent. Even though co-workers weren’t mowing each other over for “the vegan cupcakes” I think they went over pretty well. Not my best. Not my worst…

I was inspired today when I woke up to do such a good last few days on vegan. I woke up in my motel room and was like “Oh there’s so much I could do today… BUT… I could also just stay in bed and not do any of it.” So I did the second thing I thought of. I woke up before noon (ick) and laid in bed til 3 where I accidentally fell back asleep and took an hour long nap.

I can’t remember the last time I took a nap save the times I’ve been sick and just slept constantly throughout the day.

So when I woke up in the morning, laying in bed I decided to turn the TV on where Sunday style crappy old movies were on and I snuggled under the covers with the AC on and looked up cameras, recipes and routes in Asia.

Still torn on what to get myself for my birthday – an actual camera or a go pro. In time I will decide (tomorrow) because I want to make an order to ensure it gets here before I head off to Uluru – which was part of my birthday present as well. $477 for the greyhound up to Alice Springs, a night in a hostel and then a 2 night/ 3 day camping adventure in King’s Canyon and Uluru.  A perfect way to say goodbye to the outback before immersing myself back into city life and civilization and to ring in the New Year with friends!

I’m getting so excited about the next stages of travel. I’m even buying myself ANOTHER birthday present which is going to be a book about the Khmer Rogue and the Cambodian Genocide. I’m not a history person, unfortunately, but I’ve been so intrigued by what I’ve read already. I do feel so sheltered. The stuff they teach us in school doesn’t hit home on a personal level and therefore bares no weight for me.

This is why I travel. My interest is piqued when I get closer to the subject and it becomes real.

A mere 5 days left of the challenge… and I haven’t done my push ups yet today. Ugh. I already showered. Haha  I just remembered, but the good news is I LOVE the push up bit and can absolutely, totally feel and see the difference in my arms! I hope I become that weird girl at hostels now that does 20 push ups before bed. Then when my temporary room-mates ask me what I’m doing I can just show ’em my guns and shout #YOTTO!

Cereal in bed because I didn't want to get OUT of it!
Cereal in bed because I didn’t want to get OUT of it!

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