I call New Chapter!

Today marks the last day of my Coober Pedy, South Australia, outback, bush, desert, middle of nowhere chapter. Tomorrow begins yet another chapter of unknown possibilities. Exciting and scary, equally.

I’m sitting for my last shift, here at the reception desk, looking out the window and across the street to the greyhound terminal where I will be standing under in 12 hours from now. Am I packed? Are you kidding? No, I am not packed. I have clothes sprawled out over 1 of the 2 beds in my room. I have my makeup scattered along the bench as if a teenager were going on a first date and needed every single cosmetic available.

So yes, I sit at work now a little anxious with all the to-do’s adding up in my head yet slowly realizing that when 9 o’clock comes around and I finish work I will be met by some friends to hang out for the last time in CP. All the stress will hopefully melt away as I realize it doesn’t matter if I have enough clothes. I always have too much. It doesn’t matter what I wear when I see the world, my clothes are not the point.

As was discussed earlier with my CPBFF yes, it’s great to see things and go to famous places around the world. Yes, it will be an adventure to see Uluru and the famed sunset behind the red rock. However, for years to come I will always have my stories from those 6 months I spent in the outback of Australia.

There’s a part of me that feels so strong leaving tomorrow knowing that my soul has now been infused with some really beautiful moments, memories and connections. I will carry pieces of these people with me for the rest of my life in a way, and the weird twisted wisdom I got from some of them – consciously and unconsciously.

After my 30 day challenge ended I was high on pride, it has begun to fade over the past week or so as it’s been nothing but birthday, work, goodbyes and Christmas which means that all bets are off and diets have been thrown out the window. I don’t feel bad about myself but I surely do feel bad in myself. Having gone back to eating meat and dairy and not having to scour ingredient lists I really feel sluggish. Not to mention the increase in drinking and cigarettes. I feel less enthusiastic and way more apathetic.

I am hoping to not spend this next month of Australia drunk, but I can’t make promises as the company I like to keep in Melbourne are those who like the drink. Maybe I’ll detox in Asia. Ha.

I’m also debating doing some bikram when I get back to Melbourne. I’m craving mind/body connection. Which is one of the things I did not get out of my experience here. I had full intentions of being healthy and active whilst here, however there is just something about the desert that does not inspire me to get up and run for fun. To me that just seems like death waiting to happen.

Tomorrow I’m off on my next adventure up to Alice Springs where I will have an evening of rest, shopping!!!!! and new restaurants galore!! (Well, compared to here anyway) Then Sunday morning I’m cashing in my birthday present from my beloved Mom and brother which is a hot air balloon ride over Alice Springs which has added some nerves as well as I’ve never been in a hot air balloon and can’t imagine what kinda of experience that will be. Not to mention my minor fear of flying in an open basket. We shall see, we shall see.

As the clock continues to tick towards my departure, I can feel my heart beating faster and my stomach sinking. Saying good bye is never as easy as I wish to say “see you again” instead of “it was nice to know you.” However, this is traveling. With a heart full of new friends and experiences I bid farewell to this and open my eyes and heart to that which is ahead of me, just not visible as yet. Life itself is a mystery from day to day whereas travel is a big bag full of who knows what the hell could happen. I’m not a gambler because when you gamble you have a chance to loose. Travelers always win.

Goodbye from The Coob. With love and appreciation….

2 thoughts on “I call New Chapter!

  1. You bring tears of joy to my eyes, as I read your reactions to the experiences you’re having. Your blog is a delight, and a window into the knowledge you are absorbing. These are the times that will bolster you through the dull days of old age. Believe me, I know.

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