DAY 1: MDM2015

Oh hey. Welcome back. Sorry I’ve been off traveling the world and not writing in my blog about how amazing absolutely every single thing is… Except wifi abroad. It was too much to write, so I just didn’t. Buuuuut. The good news is I am back! For 30 days in fact. Here we go – round 4 of a 30 day challenge!

This 30 day challenge is simple: PALEO.

Those that know me, know it’s not going to be THAT simple – Just ONE challenge after all the simultaneous ones from last year? So no, it’s not just paleo. It’s paleo plus – write a daily blog, quit smoking, gym, make a vision board, find a job and maybe the toughest – doing all of this whilst living with my mom.

I know, I know. 30 years old and living with my darling mother after being independent for the past 12 years should be a fun, exciting challenge, right? It’s not. It just brings up the issues of my teenage years and makes it weird when they want to eat dinner at 5pm and I’m still digesting lunch.

Which brings me to another point of why this challenge is a little different than others. This one is more of a catalyst for me, instead of just an open challenge to myself to step out of my comfort zone for 30 days. This time I’m laying foundation.

During my time abroad I realized a lot of things, actually… but, one in particular was how investing in oneself is maybe one of the most important investments a person can make during their lifetime. It’s silly to me as I waiver back and forth on whether I want to marry myself off, have some youngins or make any sort of plans for the unforseeable future. Regardless of what happens – do I want to be 60 and ill? 60 and wrinkly from all the cigarettes and sun bathing I did in my 20’s and 30’s? Have to start at THAT age to be healthy and fit?

You’ve followed my blog, so then you know several things about me – #1, I always write in as a completely blunt and honest voice that I have in real life and #2, that my weight and body issues are an ongoing struggle. I suspect the issues will always be because that is how we’ve been programmed for so long.

I had a nice chat with a fellow heart when I was in Gili Air, Indonesia and I made an honest observation. That now in my life I wouldn’t mind as much being overweight, if I were healthy. Now if you call me Fat, I’d just slink away to the corner and eat a hostess cupcake and think “yeah I guess you’re right, I’m fat… and therefore wrong.” However, if I were phsyically fit and overweight and you called me Fat, I’d chase you and beat you down then pick you up and twirl you over my head and toss you aside like a pillow.

So this is my challenge this year  – to lay the foundation for a successfull rest of this decade. The idea to do paleo came to me for 2 reasons – #1, I ate so much junk food in NZ and Europe was just bread, cheese and meats and any sweet from every bakery we passed that I need a green detox and #2, because Mom agreed to do it with me.

We also signed up for the gym yesterday and had our first session today. It’s going to be really different this time along, because Mom has gifted me the amazing and generous gift of some personal training sessions.  I’m pretty pumped.

Alongside the food and physical challenge, I like to keep my mind focused on positive things too. And oh boy, do I need positivity more than ever right now. It’s a roller coaster in this head of mine going from “yeah, I can do this!” to “what’s the point of getting out of bed? ever.”

I am filling my life and head and free time with as much positivity as possible. I literally have no idea what I’m doing next in my life or where I want to go. The urge is to not settle down, so I need to figure out if that means save and travel or just save to move somewhere else domestically.

I am excited to incorporate more meditation, Ted Talks, documentaries, aritcles and creating a vision board to keep me focused and mentally in the game for these 30 days and beyond.

There’s a lot to look forward over the next month. If you are up for challenge, feel free to pick out something nice and give it a go for 30 days! See you tomorrow. ❤

MDM2015 = Me doing Me 2015         Get ready for some hashtagging y’all!

Day 1 note from Mam-Jam

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