(2) The Glow.

Day 2 in the bag. Today was a great day for me, for very simple reasons.

Last night, around 2 am, while I was writing the blog, my brother called. He asked if I wanted to hang out at his place today since he had the day off. I told him I had a 3 o’clock gym appointment. In my mind that meant I was busy until about 5 because I am not an early, or even morning riser.

I can stay in bed literally until dinner time. So he said “just get up and come over and I’ll make you lunch.” Now how can I resist a lunch? I can’t. So I didn’t. I woke up round 10:30 and didn’t want to get up, but at 11 I got a little nudge in the form of a phone call and was soon putting on my gym clothes and heading out for a walk.

It’s .8 miles (1.2 km), it only takes 15 minutes, but I was so excited to walk. I think for two reasons mostly. The first being that walking is independence for me, as I haven’t owned a car in almost 10 years and have always chosen to live in a city with public transit. The second reason being because I felt like, for the first time in a long time I was being proactive and making this walk about my fitness. I mean… I still wore my flip flops.

It’s little things like that that add up to make a huge difference down the line. I guess I should also say that I was feeling like shit this morning. I have bad allergies in these parts and it has resulted in some serious sinus discomfort as of late, but I don’t want to use that as an excuse to stay in bed all day watching movies instead of making positive changes.

Going to my brother’s house for lunch was funny as he went through his fridge and cupboards asking and checking if things were paleo friendly. Yes-ing the things I could and No-ing the ones that contained secret paleo no-nos such as sugar, soy or all the un-pronouncables.

So we both had big salads full of goodies, his included 2 things mine did not: 1) Cheese 2) Dressing.

I didn’t really even need a dressing, but I did squirt some lime juice on it anyway because: leafy greens.

After lunch he dropped me off at the gym, where I arrived, a wee bit terrified of what was in store. The manager of the personal trainers, the one who signed us up yesterday, is so cool and friendly and supportive that he threw in a couple of free sessions with himself (beyond those with our regular trainers) for my mom and me, and today we did one together. It was so funny because my mom and I are so alike it’s hilarious to be next to her and both kvetching about planks and bird dogs. Oy Gevalt!

I left the gym super pumped. I forgot how great it feels to have blood flowing along with knowing I’m taking care of #1. Mom and I had to run to the shop because I wanted some coconut water and some fruit, for later. When I walked in to the store I had interesting inner dialogue.

It went something like “hmm, maybe I should get a treat… (sadness) oh. I guess coconut water is my treat.(grieving for the sugar I could no longer eat) actually, I’m pretty excited to have coconut water. (silver lining) Mmmm… coconut and electrolytes. (boom. nailed it.)” That made it easier to walk strongly past the Halloween cupcake table.

I eventually made it back to my brother’s house after the gym and he said “sorry I’m going to eat a bunch of food you can’t eat, right in front of you.” And I wasn’t even tempted.

It was a little trickier when he said he was going down to smoke cigarettes, but I remembered I don’t want to smoke. I don’t want to smell or taste like a dirty ashtray and I want cleaner and healthier lungs!

I’m really aware of how right now I’m at a level 10 (which is a question that will be posed a lot from the trainers at the gym in the next few months) but I know I’ve started at 10s and have gradually faded. I think that after the 30 day challenge is where I will need to take a more serious look at long term motivation. What does happen that makes people finally click things into place and make the changes they need? And keep them in place!

When I wake up tomorrow, I am not expecting anything to be different. I know that I have barely begun to scratch the surface to a lot of things and that this is the long game now.

I’m happier today than I have been in a while.

Off to bed I go (12 am) because I have an appointment for salads and smoothies tomorrow too!

❤ Until tomorrow…


A New York Autumn.

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