(3) Jump in, water’s nice.

I’m finding it funny that after being away from blogging so long, I am not sitting here exploding with things to tell you. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I’ve been pouring my energy into so many other things of late, including some really fun projects I’ll get to share once they’re completed.

Mix that in with the fact that I blog at night, after the gym and my endorphins are still pumping, I don’t feel the need to say much except “Yep, doing good thanks.” However, I’ve blogged through 2 30-day challenges already, why lose words on this one?

Maybe my blogging, like my fitness, is just out of practice and needs to warm back into it.

I’ll start with something that bothered me today: some people’s post on facebook. Specifically relating to the democratic debate. Apparently a lot of “news” sites are saying that Clinton won the debate, while some of my friends are desperately trying to say that Sanders did.

Can you guess what bothers me about this?

What bothers me is that it seems like no one in this scenario is actually thinking for themselves. Just as an outsider, who didn’t care about the debate, and didn’t watch it, because it’s still a show – I find it funny what people seem to get all in a huff about. Perhaps it’s just the way people word their thoughts and opinions, but to me it seems it’s getter more and more like people are forgetting that they are simply stating their very own thought and opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

And this is why we have wars.

It’s comical when you think about it. I can’t even begin to recommend a way to “fix” this, it’s just a personal awareness game. How it relates to this challenge is… not so simple. I’m trying to draw and powerful parallel but I’m not really getting there, so instead let’s talk about perception vs. reality.

After my session at the gym today I asked my trainer, Chris, what I should be doing the next few days between now and our first “official” session. He wrote it down on a piece of paper and it was pretty much just what we did today plus a machine and minus me pulling to 50+ pound ropes to me in row position.

I laughed at the list and said “Oh, that’s it? Everybody always thinks the gym is so hard, but it’s just like 30 minutes of shitty and the rest is a walk in the park.” It’s so true. The shitty part wasn’t even that shitty! It was more like jelly… as in literally I thought I was going to collapse because my arms and thighs… and abs… and core were like jelly.

But now that I’m home, fed, coconut watered up, showered and I got some sweet, sweet tunes on I’m all fired up. I got my blood pumping and the hard part is out-of-the-way… for today.

I have to admit I am so excited to wake up tomorrow, because I may be sore! It’s such a ridiculous hope and I’m aware of that, but I am so happy and grateful to be on this journey right now. My hope is that what I get out of taking care of myself physically will bleed into other areas in my life and I will be a real go getter.

I just want to also add, that this is coming out of me now, at a time when I am motivated and high on hope. It’s so easy for me to just say “C’mon, get up, do what you want to do! What are you waiting for?”

I want to help inspire and motivate people to – at least – start the journey of conquering their fears/dreams. I’m not even close to conquering any of mine, but I know I’m on the right track. Maybe too, after being so mobile for so long it’s nice to just jump into something and really want to work at it.

And I suppose I could ACTUALLY talk about the challenge – Paleo is the cave man diet. The idea is that you eat foods that our caveman ancestors would have eaten, to get back into “original form.”

What it IS is : Select meats, veggies, fruits and raw nuts.

No processed… anything… but meats like hot dogs, salami. No dairy – or soy products. Certain veggies are a no-no like corn, white potatoes, beans (incl green beans and peas). No sugars. Not even honey, agave or whatever else they say is the new hot thing. Basically it’s a game of checking labels and being surprised what can and can not pass.

For instance, Jake (my brother) made me dinner last night using a Trader Joe’s tomato sauce. It was all  organic and there was no sugar added – I was shocked! Most things have sugar added. Sneaky sneaky.

I can’t say I feel anything amazing with the food change right off the bat. By next week, blogs should be me complaining I miss this or that, or feel so great. I remember the last paleo challenge I did I was light headed at first for 2 week because of the sugar and caffeine withdrawals.

However it’s been 4 full days without processed or added sugar (meaning I get sugar from fruit now) and I don’t feel withdrawals. Not from the sug, the lack of coffee or even nicotine.

So far so good, which is what I need because I’m going to a really great dinner party next week, with alcohol and tons of amazing foods. Will have to chat and make a plan about that later. Right now, because I’m in bed and finished blogging by 11 I’m going to treat myself to a little Netflix time.

See you tomorrow!! <3<3

Proff of walk. 1.6 miles (round trip) for this yummy salad! Thanks Jake. I'll be there at 11am tomorrow for Price is Right and smoothies.
Proff of walk. 1.6 miles (round trip) for this yummy salad! Thanks Jake. I’ll be there at 11am tomorrow for Price is Right and smoothies.
Part of dinner tonight. Squash from Mom and Dave's garden. Yu-uum.
Part of dinner tonight. Squash from Mom and Dave’s garden. Yu-uum.

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