(8) Thunderheart.

I need to start writing earlier in my day, because I am so tired at night, I don’t give it my all.

Today was fun. I had my first official, official personal training session today with Chris, who is now belovedly entered in my phone as Coach. He’s great, fun and motivating. He doesn’t mind my bitching, because I usually do it with a smile, or simultaneously while doing to work out I’m bitching about.

Then, after the work out, it’s like “yeah, that was easy.” He rolls his eyes, knowing perfectly well 15 minutes before that I was begging for mercy as I couldn’t feel my arms in the last set.

I really need to remember that whenever I’m feeling down or not great, to go to the gym. After a good session, and more than just cardio, I do feel really good both about myself and about things in general.

Coach said today “I can’t wait to take your measurements at the end of the month.” It’s nice that he’s into my progress too.

Days like this makes it much easier to not want to smoke, or eat junk food.  Before the gym I ran errands with my mom. She came by, because I’m staying at my brother’s place, and I haven’t seen her in 3 days. So we missed each other, so I said I’d tag along. We went to Staples, an office supply store, and it was full of candy. Prior to the gym, it was tempting.

Even at Trader Joe’s I would have liked to find something there that I could just snack on. I find it difficult to snack whilst on paleo, because the easiest food to snack on is fruit, but I don’t like to eat too much fruit either and screw with my sugar levels. Although hands down do I prefer that sugar to processed crap.

Whilst high on my endorphins post workout I noticed there was no one signed up for Zumba tomorrow morning at 9 am. So I signed myself up… and my mom. I went to her house after the gym tonight to tell her the good news.

I left the gym at 8,30 and still hadn’t eaten dinner. Went to mom’s house, came back to my brother’s, made dinner and a berry smoothie for dessert and am now relaxing on the couch ready to sleep — just as soon as I press post!

Until tomorrow, my loves. ❤


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