(15) Pumpkin Spice Naughtay

Well I really fucked the fish today. I had a PSL and all hell broke loose.

I had a job interview today, so what that meant was I had to get up and leave the house 1,20 minutes ahead of time. I walked to the train station (15 minutes) and caught the bus to a parking lot in Connecticut (I live in NY), from there I walked along a busy on and off ramp intersection and up over a huge hill to the potential job.

While I was waiting in the parking lot for the bus to return home, I spotted the Starbucks across the street. I mean, I didn’t spot it, I knew it was there. In fact, I pulled out my gift card I got before I left the states in 2013 and put it in my wallet – “just in case.”

I bought a pumpkin spice latte. I bought it real good. THEN I HAD TO WAIT TWO FUCKING HOURS FOR THE BUS.

But whatever. When I got home I had to eat because I had a gym sesh coming up, so bacon eggs and TOAST. I had TOAST. Which was dumb because I’m not even a big fan of bread to begin with, so cheating a diet with bread is like a child sneaking into the kitchen in the middle of the night for broccoli. WHY?

I went to the gym and first thing my trainer asked “how are ya feeling?” I admitted to him I felt like shit and I was kinda crispy (in a bad mood). He asked why so full disclosure “I went on a job interview and don’t think I got it and I had a pumpkin spice latte.” He was literally, actually mad about the PSL. It was so funny. He took it out on me in squats and these weird booty presses.

I actually really love going to gym in a bad mood because I don’t feel like talking as much and put more effort into my training. I definitely did more intentional exercise today so that I left feeling particularly accomplished.

But that’s not all, I lied to you already, a little bit. I also had a bacon, egg and cheese sandwhich with my PSL. BUT, lemme ‘splain… that was more because I hadn’t eaten all day and it was past 2 at that point and I knew I had another hour to wait for the bus. I did tell Coach about that, too though and again, he was mostly just upset about the bread. I DIDN’T EVEN WANT THE BREAD BUT HOW ELSE CAN I HOLD MEAT AND CHEESE AND EGG TOGETHER?!?!?!?!

I had a quick chat with Coach about my paleo diet and he’s not a big fan of it per say. I said I am considering going vegan again for a minute because I’m tired of so much meat and he doesn’t agree with that either. So he said find a mix. To me though, THAT IS THE HARDEST PART. I can’t only eat SOME things. I want to eat all of the things.

So I don’t know what I’m doing now. I hope I get to go to the store with my mom tomorrow and we can talk about foods. Because if I had a little chick pea action I’d be super happy. That’s not bad. See, I don’t want to be wound so tight. Thank god Coach was so mad about pumpkin spice latte, I forgot to mention me hoarding chocolate chips yesterday.

Shit. I should have mentioned that.

I am feeling invigorated though because I have finally found the challenge I am excited about doing and sticking to! (ha)

It’s a friendship challenge. I am reaching out to a different friend, every day for 30 days. Most of them want post cards or letters, and Casey wants a facetime. Haha. What they don’t know (until they read this right now) is that they will all get something in the mail. I have a book of stamps and I went to the office supply store before the gym and bought pretty envelopes. I asked for volunteers of my facebook friends and only 21 so far have come forward. I may nominate people if they don’t say something soon enough.

The way I’m going to do it, I’ve decided is, I’m going to put everyone’s name in a hat and draw one out each morning and then spend time creating a personalized note for them. I’m pretty excited about it. I will start the challenge in a few days – once I have 30 people and on either Sunday night or Monday, as I’m going out of town Saturday.

So things are looking up. My mom is back in town, so hopefully we will go to the gym tomorrow. It’s zumba day, which I want no part of, but means she will likely go at 9 am. It’s 2 am now. I thought it was like 11. So I may not want to wake up at 8.

I am keeping my blog going for 30 days, because you need to see me blunder through the collapse of this paleo challenge, only to rise through the ashes of this hot mess to hot miss challenge.

Hahaha. #hotmesstohotmiss #nailed it


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