(16) personal choice

Today was an interesting day because I followed my instincts. For those that followed my journey through Europe, you may have noticed that the word “instinct” kept coming up. 

We would start the day with an instinct like “self care” or sometimes even “all the coffee.” We ended our day with our gratitudes for whatever we felt that day. 

Today was rough because I had nothing to do – I’m not working yet and don’t really have ways to fill the time. I was bored. My mom told me to go to the DMV to get my NY state drivers license. So I quickly got ready and left. I got lost on the way there and then found out it closed at 4, not 5, at 3:50. 

I decided just to keep driving. It was fun, today was rainy and gross but not too cold so it was nice to be in a car but still admiring nature. It’s all trees of fall foliage and windy bends in these parts. 

I decided I needed to do 2 things: get a coffee and go to trader joes. I stopped at Dunkin for a coffee, debating the whole time if I was gonna get cream and sugar in it. So I ordered a small -which was really a small and I asked for half cream, half Sug. 

So. Not paleo, but better than the pumpkin spice latte fiasco yesterday. When I arrived at trader joes, wearing my black jeans, black tank, black long fuzzy cardy and my flip flops – I felt pretty good about myself. Black on black on black is my power color. 

I walked through the store, with full accessibility. I could have bought ANYTHING I wanted. I could have bought 8 cookie butter chocolate bars and eaten them in the car and no one would know. 

But I didn’t.

Despite the fact I walked the plank on paleo, I’m not going to go back to an eating free-for-all. So whilst at the store I bought bananas, black beans, garbanzo beans, hummus, salsa and corn tortillas. 

My mother had a heart attack when I showed her. I might as well have brought home the entire Cadbury factory from her reaction. Beans are a no-no in paleo. 

Again I had to say “if hummus and black beans are the worst things I eat in life, gtf over it.” My post grocery snack was tortilla with a spoonful of hummus with cucumber, tomato and garbanzos on top. No meat!

I had a cup of homemade chicken soup with veg in the bowl for dinner. About 2 hours later I was hungry and 2 hours after that I had hunger pains. It was late, close to midnight and I didn’t want to eat, however since I waited so long to make sure I was really hungry I went down to eat or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep. 

I made 2 eggs and put them on a tortilla and then put avocado, black beans and salsa on top. So delicious. That used to be what I had for breakfast all the time. I love it because I feel full and satisfied after it. 

Corn is also a no-no, however it is gluten free because it’s not grain. So of any breads and wraps or tortillas that is why I always pick corn. Plus they’re smaller than flour ones or wraps. 

I picked this saying below because it is relevant to how this challenge is ending up. Paleo was too meat heavy for what I’m looking for right now. I need a soft balance of fruit and veg and protein and substance and some meat. 

I have to say that not only am I going to sleep happy tonight but proud of myself for the decisions I made today. 

Here’s to a happy tomorrow too!

Casey,  get out of bed and go to work. Love ya!

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