(19) here we go

I am in Pittsburgh, pa to watch the steelers game tomorrow. We drove from New York this afternoon 

I woke up at 8 this morning, but was too tired and sore from last nights work out, so I went back to sleep. Woke up at 9 and went to the gym. I saw my trainer there and said I was gonna have a weekend away and wanted to get one last workout so I felt dedicated and motivated and didn’t swerve. 

I ended up swerving a little, but mostly because I was unprepared. I should have bought snacks for the trip but didn’t think about it. All I took was a coconut water. 

Soon after we left brosef wanted to stop for McDonald’s… And did. I didn’t get anything. Then when I needed a potty break we stopped at a Dunkin donuts. I didn’t get any Donita but did get a coffee with a little sugar and a little cream. Mostly because their coffee is shit. 

I said to Jake when we left that I was gonna have two coffees this weekend because I have a gift card to Starbucks. At least at Starbucks they have soy milk. Soy is not paleo but it’s better than cow milk. Which is weird because cow is perfectly acceptable. 

Anyways we stopped for dinner at a steak house where I ordered a steak, broccoli and a salad. I swerved off plan by way of a jalapeño popper and some blue cheese dressing. I did not feel good after dinner. It was a nice piece of meat but I much and I ate most of it because that’s a habit. 

What I was super aware of was how many times a day I normally would have made a bad choice. For instance the second time I had to potty I wanted a snack and opted for beef jerky. For the dinky middle of Pennsylvania road side station this was probably the best option as I waited too long between lunch and dinner – which also led to my hunger at dinner and not having will power. 

Even ordering a water at dinner was funny because I’m used to drinking soda at restaurants. So it was a good way to be conscious of what I actually put into my body and sometimes without even realizing. 

Tomorrow, Jake wants to go to this special sand which place in Pittsburgh. It’s like a pound of food.  So what j did was told him I probably can’t eat it (even just the meat and salad filling is toooooo much) and looked up the menu tonight. So I know they have salads and sandwiches, so maybe j can get a normal one and not a Linebackers sized one. 
Ok. Tomorrow I will post a pic of the sand which my brother gets and of us having fun at the game. 

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