(20) (21) two times

I absolutely intended to post yesterday but what had happened was we got home really late and the wifi wasn’t working so I said fuck it. 

Fair enough, am I right? Know when to hold em, know when to fold em. 

Yesterday was great for me. I woke up early and my brother and I went to the gym. He did weights and whatever else, I didn’t see because I was doing laps in the pool. 30 minutes, man was my heart pumping by the end of it. 

I went back upstairs and showered and got dolled up to go see my boys – the Pittsburgh Steelers. We did not win. It was heartbreaking because we had the right energy and it was kind of just a fluke. However it was an absolute beautiful day and I just reveled in Heinz field on a proper fall day. 

Of course, before we went to the game, brother wanted to get one of those crazy sandwiches you see in the Man vs. food shows. 

I got a salad! I felt like such a winner. The server asked me if I wanted fries on my salad because that’s their thing- they put fries on everything. I said no. 

The guy who sat is walked by as we were eating and was like “what you come here and you get a salad?!?!? What’s wrong with you!?!?!” I laughed and said “I’m on a diet.”

I wish I hadn’t said that. I wish I just could say “I make good choices for me.” I mean a sandwhich isn’t the end of the world and it was difficult to not eat one of everything on that typically gluttonous American menu, however… I’m worth it. 


my salad and my brother’s sandwhich monster
Home. ❤

I don’t have any photos of today. In had a calm day. Slept at brother’s place last night because he went to work early and I hung out waiting for a package to be delivered. 

It was delivered midday and afterwards I wanted to catch up on the 3 shows I like to follow but fell asleep during criminal minds. I was so tired. 

Tonight I went to the gym to have a session with my trainer. He was all business today- my arms are hurting. He threatened that we will soon to move to legs and I wanted to pass out then. 

I weighed myself this morning and have gained 1.3 pounds. It’s really funny. Kind of. I have cut out sugar, grains and so much non sense eating and I weigh the same. 

My mom says I’ve lost inches and I feel a little smaller but it’s nice to be reassured. 

I have to sleep because I’m just exhausted today for whatever reason. My heart and fingers are crossed that I can find work this week. That will help considerably. 

Love you. 


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