(23) home stretch

its the final countdown. 

Thank fluff. Today was weird at home, we had a little situation which was very dramatic (cough cough mom) but everything worked out alright. However, during the hubbub, dinner time came and went. So we ordered a pizza. 

Mom felt bad and said I didn’t have to eat it, but after the stress of the afternoon I said screw it. I wasn’t even a full slice in when I got the sweats and felt like puking. 

It was pretty funny but I still ate it. Then I had to lay down for a while. Now I have farts. 

When I retired to my room, it was 90% dairy related and 10% The Killing related. I started watching a new show, to help pass the unemployed time. I got hooked. I love murder. And mysteries. 

However time kept passing by, and like last night, I didn’t want to talk myself into not going. So when one episode finished around 10:30 I just got up and left in one foul swoop. 

(Is it foul or fowl? I’m guessing fowl, like a bird, but it autocorrected to foul and I can’t be bothered to open another window as I’m on my phone.)

I stayed almost 2 hours, grinding, getting swoll, you know… whipping a ney ney. 

I wanted someone to tell me to get off my ass last night, but that voice didn’t come from outside and I silenced my own. So tonight I made sure I made myself proud. I’m not going to feel good about myself by laying in bed watching Netflix. I want change and I’m the only one who can make my changes. 

Feeling good. Feeling strong. If you’re debating doing something right now besides being on the Internet… Just do it. Stand up, and go. You’ll love yourself more. 

Hell mfing yeahhhhh

One thought on “(23) home stretch

  1. It is “one fell swoop”. I think it’s cutting-down-trees related? I imagine that tree-cutting machine they have in The Lorax when I hear that phrase. 🙂

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