(25) marathon

I mean, whatever, it’s 5 am, but…. I HAD to find out who the killer was. 

I got home from the gym around 1 ish. I stayed almost 2 hours at the gym because I wanted to do 42 minutes of cardio, while I watched an episode of The Killing. 

Like most shows I get hooked on – it’s not even that good. But I’m a sucker for murder mysteries. 

Today was good. 95% paleo. Had some chocolate chips with my banana, cashew butter, coconut sweet snack. It was a surprisingly small portion, after dinner and it’s what sealed the deal for me going to the gym. 

Also I had a quarter cup of quinoa with dinner as I made dinner tonight and kinda just made a mosh of everything. 

5 more days of challenge. Then I will wake up on the 6th day and eat some pancakes. 

Then undoubtedly, feel sick and go to the gym after. 

It’s a short one tonight because I spent all my time watching TV. Like a winner. 


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