(26) squash, sauce and beer

once again, I fell asleep, phone in hand while I was trying to blog. Yesterday got away from me and it was so late before I felt like I had even done anything. 

I went to my brother’s for dinner and then we started watching movies. I cooked – pasta for him and spaghetti squash for me, with a nice meat sauce. 

When he picked me up and asked why I hadn’t bought the  spaghetti squash from his list I sai TJs didn’t have any. So we went to the local market around the corner. 

When we got out of the car I cheekily said “we should get a pumpkin pie.” I knew the chain of events that would incur. “Can you eat that?” He said hopefully. “No… But there are ways to make it paleo.” 

So then we made a paleo pumpkin pie too. 

I crave sweets. I crave a lot of really random foods that I feel like I wouldn’t, if I weren’t restricting myself. However my diet has changed considerably, not to mention exercise 3-6 days a week. Yet I have not lost 1 pound. Not one. 

It’s not about the weight, blah blah, but it’s strange that I haven’t. I can’t tell if my body has changed at all. In almost one month of healthy eating and exercising one would think SOMETHING would change. 

I’m trying not to get hung up on it, because I will get seriously unmotivated if this keeps up. 

Like yesterday, we put a little honey in the pie, which may or may not be paleo depending on your school of thought. So again, if honey is the worst thing I eat in a day when, while traveling, we would eat pastries and creamy coffees by the handfuls. Then fast food/cheap food galore. 

It’s hard to say if I feel healthier than before. Quitting smoking made me feel better. I was getting light headed before I started working out, and that’s pretty much gone. I see my trainer tomorrow and will have to have a talk with him. 


The crust wasn’t paleo. I didn’t eat it.  

2 thoughts on “(26) squash, sauce and beer

  1. You may have considered this already but you are probably not losing weight because you’re doing strength training and lifting weights. Replacing fat with muscle, yada yada yada, and muscle weighs more…you might even end up gaining weight. So don’t feel discouraged and don’t give up!! I think you are doing great and it sounds like you’re really making a conscious effort to eat healthier which can only help!!! Even if you don’t lose a pound you’re still helping your body! (I wish i could take my own advice! But you know how it goes.)

    1. I know. It’s just so frustrating because I feel healthy part of the times, but like I almost feel bloated and blimp like most of the time, and I never feel like that. I just feel like there’s something off in my body.

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