We made it!!! 

We lived through 30 more days of life. This was my most “unperfect” challenge, yet in a way perhaps one of the most transitional.

This made me learn and realize about my habits. 

The weekend in Pittsburgh was eye opening as far as all the junk food I would unconsciously consume, not think twice about, and wonder why I gain weight. 

My mom has said some negative things about herself, about this challenge because she feels like she failed. I’ve said negative things too, but it really sucks when you try to convince someone that they are only a failure in their own eyes. 

That’s tragedy, in pure form. 

She’s not a failure. I’m not a failure. I did about 75-80% paleo for 30 days. It WAS a challenge – and a challenge isn’t something easy and that you are expected to do flawlessly. There’s nothing in life that falls under that description … Except maybe napping. 

I am so proud of my mom for making these changes and being gung ho about it, too. She started going to the gym and lifting weights too! I mean she’s turning 70 in 2 weeks for heaven’s sake!!! 

I’m proud of myself too. For instance tonight- I went to the gym at 10:30pm, even sat in the car debating realllly going in at all. Went it and killed it. I mean like, I can barely walk. I feel so much better though. I’m actively working toward a healthier and happier me  

I got offered a job this morning, which I think I will have to decline tomorrow. Instinct says it’s not right. Hopefully I’ll be accepting 2 other jobs by the end of the week. Or, I will still be jobless. 

This is me trusting my instinct, as well as the universe. 

I’m feeling motivated and invigorated. My ideal work life from the jobs that are presented is : the full time day job I will be sitting as its a desk job, but the evening/weekend job is on my feet active. I know I’m going to be tired, but I’m also going to stay motivated! 

I want to change, therefore I am changing! 

Thank you to all who’ve followed this challenge. This was unlike the others, but I hope you got something out of it too! 

And as always, after a challenge, I like to encourage you to try one. Do one thing for 30 days! 

Also – I quit smoking. That’s actually pretty huge. Usually after a challenge I can’t wait to smoke, but nope, over it. 

Love you! Thank you!

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