By the light…

My 4 year old laptop, which I got for about $200 one night on a whim at a Walmart in a precarious and weak proclamation to the universe that I was ready, and willing, to resume writing has apparently shit the bed… As they say.

Which is good and bad. Good for you because tonight was surely going to be a lost post, rambling on and on, ending in nothing but a wild trail meandering off into the insolent fury of an existential crisis. It is however bad that my computer has shit the bed because tonight is the eve’s-eve of the resurrection of my infamous 30 day challenge. *Cue horns*Dunt-dah-dah*

I was planning to document, not so much the challenge because frankly who gives a shit what I eat but rather capture this very strange and pivotal time in my life. Change is afoot dear ones and it’s the kind that shapes pathways and futures for all of time to come.

After spending 43 minutes trying to get my computer to work, connect to the internet, do anything useful I resigned to typing this blog post on my phone. Disappointing to say the least as I know the poetry of my fingers flows flawlessly on the keys versus the thumping of my thumbs against the sober screen.

At first thought, the analogy was clear. I myself am feeling blocked, stifled, stuck in this small space where instead I yearn to be free and unencumbered. Looking at things on this small screen is so frustrating and feels hardly worth the effort.

Then, on second thought the irony made itself known. This is after all… A challenge.

So by the light of my cell phone, I will blog every day in May. There’s a part of me that feels the writing aspect of this challenge is the most important part, for various reasons and for those of you that know me well know I wanted to be a writer when I was younger. Then I didn’t. Now I can’t avoid it. It just is the only way I can stay sane. It helps me express myself in a way I am just unable to in chit chat.

I often feel very alone and misunderstood. I feel like when I write some of you get it though and we connect. That is a good feeling. And in true spirit of an addict, I will be chasing that feeling for the next 33 days.

I will inevitably explain the challenge further tomorrow or Friday (day 1) but in the meantime I wanted to post this a) as a trial run to see if I still got the old bloggin’ magic and b) because I’m hopeful people will want to participate in their own May challenge.

The rules for the challenge are: pick something you can do every day for 30 days that will make you feel better about yourself and that is slightly to largely out of your comfort zone and normal routine.

There are a myriad of challenges one could participate in through the month of May. Obviously, if you want to challenge yourself to read my blog every day, you may sure fine no problem. I really encourage you to spend tomorrow (Thursday)- the challenge eve – to think about joining in your own crusading way.

Disclaimer: I use the thesaurus a lot.

Please comment, message, email, Facebook, Instagram, smoke signal me if you would like to participate. I would like to keep in touch throughout the challenge. Of course, if you are not in need of constant attention like myself and wish to do it privately then please know I am already proud of you and wish you the best.

Tomorrow we talk about setting the intention. See you then.

5 thoughts on “By the light…

  1. Duffy–It seems to me that even if you no longer “want” to be a writer, by the mere fact that you cannot not write says that you are a writer despite yourself. I have always loved reading your blog. Now I have an entire month to look forward to. Yay. Good to see you on the page again.

  2. August 30, let’s see if I can read all of May. Is this something YOU yourself would do? How did I get myself into this? I should go to bed, but……

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