Wholeo. Day 1.

I think last night I had my first experience with sleep paralysis. I was dreaming, then all of a sudden I was aware I was dreaming and before I could blink I was being suffocated. It literally knocked the wind out of me and I woke up unable to breathe, catch my breath or move. Eventually I went back to sleep and shortly after that it was 6 am I had to get up for work.

I was in a crappy mood, needless to say. Luckily I had prepared my lunch box for the day because had I not taken the time to do that, I surely would have said “screw it, I’ll start tomorrow.”

My stomach hurt yet I wanted a carby, cheesy breakfast sandwich. I didn’t even stop for coffee because coffee without flavor, cream, sweetness is just so pointless some days. After a while at work I popped my soggy spinach and mushroom dish into the microwave and ate it expecting to gag through the whole thing.

Unexpectedly, it was received well. My tummy felt better and my brain felt better that I had won my first war over cravings.

Not surprisingly my day continued to get worse because work was atrocious. But also, so was lunch. I sauteed a generous handful of precut cabbage from a bag as part of my lunch. When I opened the lid I was shocked to find blue shrimp floating around a sea of blue and green cabbage.

In case you were wondering, purple cabbage turns blue when you sautee all the acid out of it. So I picked the non blue parts and resigned to not eating lunch, at that point I had already taken my actual lunch break which ended up being me napping in my car.

After my shitty day, all I wanted to do was get take out and chocolate and binge eat and watch on the couch. Eat my emotions and give up.

Instead, I cooked a beautiful baked boneless pork rib dinner with zucchini, spinach, homemade guac and some delish salsa. It was so good. It was such a win. Such a win.

My food challenge is a mix between Whole 30 and Paleo henceforth the name Wholeo.

Am I essentially cherry picking my favorite parts of both? Yes. Are they almost identical anyway? Yes.

I’ve eaten Paleo so many times, I’m using mostly that as a guideline. I’ve always been closer to a Paleo purist when participating so really the two are similar. My goal is to try to cut back on meat though, which is hard to do on this kind of program, so I am allowing myself black beans.

The first time I ate Paleo it was about 4 months in before introducing black beans into my diet and I felt really good after doing so, so I’m confident they will not upset the flow.

This is a wholeness challenge, so I am challenging myself to find ways to live more wholly. I will go over more about that as we progress into this month.

It’s exciting to be doing this again, the focus and self control needed to plan ahead to succeed in this challenge could not have come at a better time.

The pandemic has hit us all hard and fast. Almost like my dream where you don’t even realize you’ve been weakened- or overwhelmed- until you’re lying there motionless and barely able to breathe.

During this time self care is vital and introspection is key.

Thank you for reading. I’ll be back again tomorrow and I hope you will be too!

Did you start a challenge?

Dinner of champs.

3 thoughts on “Wholeo. Day 1.

  1. I make the best vegetable dishes. When I cook. Hard to be inspired when I’m a party of one. I also do more intermittent fasting. I don’t want to diet. I want a life style that works. The challenge is to move enough.
    I’m so pleased you are writing again.

    1. I’ve always had a very meat centric diet, so I’m trying to get away from that during this challenge as well. Looking for great veggie dishes! Same about a lifestyle. I just am most successful when I’m very rigid. Usually a 30 day challenge gets me through all the hard parts because I feel accountable to my blog. Then once I’ve acclimated to the new ways I keep going. I’m really trying to set up foundations for a healthy life. I really believe a healthy life for me means cutting out dairy and sugar for good. 😣

      Thank you for reading! I’m glad to be writing again too!

  2. Paleo diet seems super healthy to me. I eat almost NO carbs and I haven’t gained a pound in three years. The diabetes wrecked me, oh six years ago, and I LOST about forty pounds, which is the opposite of what usually happens.

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