Day 3

Today I definitely had a “screw it” mentality. Again, I woke up absolutely exhausted. Just so tired I knew at 9 am that I could sleep some more, so I did.

I woke up close to 12. I really don’t usually sleep that late. I could feel my brain churning wildly though when I woke up, I had been dreaming.

I dream every night. Very vivid and real dreams. It’s always been like this. People have been saying that they’ve been having weird dreams since coronavirus, I hadn’t been. But that past two weeks they’ve been consistently more vivid than usual.

When I dream harder I think my subconscious is working out some stuff for me. Or that my conscience and sub conscious are duking it out for me to make sure I’m.on the right path and seeing the right things.

Also, work has been extremely tense and stressful the past few weeks as well so that could add to the overall stress.

When I woke up finally I thought about going for a walk. I ate breakfast and got ready. I grabbed the trash to take out and headed on my way. When I opened my door the heat struck me like a hot iron. It was 96 degrees. Walking to the trash I was already a little light headed.

I don’t have sunscreen or a hat so I decided to wait until after the sun calmed down a bit. I ended up not going. It was one of those things where I had to go then or not at all.

I wasted away the afternoon. The next thing I knew it was 4. I didn’t feel like doing art or cleaning. I was a completely different person than I was Saturday where I got bits and pieces of a lot of things done.

I wanted junk food and to not cook. I was definitely having a down mental day and just altogether in a funk. However, I did not go off plan. I stuck to my wholeo diet.

This is an example of where cleaning out the fridge before you start your challenge or diet comes in handy. It would have been so much easier and likelier for me to cheat or fail had something been within reach.

So I was happy and felt good about staying true to the plan. After every meal I’ve been feeling good. I don’t feel sick or too full, I haven’t been over eating.

I wanted to do something active or positive so I put on a YouTube video of a Bikram class and opened my sliding glass door again to welcome the heat.

The thermostat only read 76 but I was sweating by the third pose. It was an awful session and I didn’t finish. I did 64 minutes of the 90 and did what I could with the poses. My body did not want to move and bend and stretch the way it used to.

It was sad at first but then I thought it was a good starting point, a good place to move on from. I was drenched in sweat and kept getting light headed and nauseous.

I don’t know if it was the heat or the poses. I’ve been drinking adequate amounts of water. Either way, an hour was good for me. I took a shower and made dinner.

I knew I had to make enough for tomorrow because I wouldn’t feel like doing it later. I did but honestly I think I’m gonna go get a salad for lunch tomorrow. I’ve been cooking all my veggies and need some fresh ones.

I’m excited to go to the grocery store and look for foods I don’t usually incorporate. Like beets. Maybe because it’s hot I just want cold food. When I lived in NY and Chicago and the summers would get bad I would go days with only eating watermelon.

I’m gonna think about just making salads for lunch this week so I don’t have to cook as much. I’ll spend some quality company time tomorrow looking for wholeo ideas and recipes 😂😂

I’ve been sticking to the recommended portions sizes. This is 4 oz of pork.

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