Day 9: O’Wholeo Night

Today was great. Saturdays are my favorite. Sundays are filled with dread that a new work week is about to start but Saturdays are filled with art and cleaning and happiness.

I got a late start on being productive today. I left close to 3 to go grocery shopping. I expected to spend about 20 minutes but ended up spending over an hour at Walmart.

I hate going to Walmart and it’s always so busy and full of negative energy but I needed a bunch of random stuff and knew I could do it in a one stop shop there.

The best part was they had avocados for 58¢ and they were the small ones. I stocked up, one a day all week!

Despite being hungry I was okay when I swung my cart around to find myself in the hostess isle. It’s so hard to come face to face with baked goods, those are my ultimate temptations. I looked down at my cart and saw my pineapple, cantelope, Mangos, avos, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, limes and thought nah I’m doing well.

I spent $84 total but I think $20-25 was non food related items. This will definitely last me the week. I don’t think I spend more on Wholeo, I just spend more at once.

When I left the store I wanted to get fast food so bad. I had spent an hour walking around this giant store. I wish I had my Fitbit on because I definitely covered some ground. I thought to myself, why go to take out and not just go home and eat all this great food.

Well because I didn’t want to cook. So, when I got home I had a hard boiled egg, strawberries and celery with cashew butter. That held me over until I made grilled bang bang shrimp with some veg.

It was worth cooking. It was worth the dishes. Feeling good is worth the work. As we know from yesterday not all days will be this easy to win, but when they are it’s a great feeling.

So I learned after eating my new fav bang bang shrimp that siracha is not really Wholeo as it has slight amounts of sugar. Also, technically the almond milk isn’t either because there are unpronounceables in the ingredients list. Buuuuuuut a little bit in my coffee is necessary as I quit sugar practically cold turkey (there is no sugar in the almond milk) and I’m doing my best.

After my snack I made some cool ocean art. Definitely not how I imagined them to turn out but I like them. Tomorrow will be more art, laundry, meal prep and if I have time I’d like to go for a walk around the lake again. If I don’t make it there I’ll be okay with it and go Monday.

Stress reliever

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