Day 12: You’ve Got The Wholeo World In Your Hands

Let me tell you something – I thought after a 4 mile walk yesterday and the 3 miles on Sunday that I was gonna wake up stiff as a board and be in pain all day.

I was definitely stiff when I woke up but soon after I felt great! My body is literally more awake, I feel the energy flowing through it again and the blood rushing around. Change is a foot, for sure.

My coworker went on my walk with me again today and to be honest – it flew by. Partly because we had a rough day and we were fueled by our venting but also because my body is adjusting.

I still feel slightly out of breath when we’re walking and chatting and I’m try to talk, but it’s more like I forget to breathe.

Today I even stopped and threw in 20 pushups leaning against a table.

I texted her when I got home… Are we doing this tomorrow? What do you think she said?

Today made 10 extra curricular miles for the week! I’m really glad the rain didn’t happen.

Ohhhhhh, let you tell you about my lunch. I ate out, remember? Well they screwed up my order and gave me breaded chicken instead of grilled. I was really upset. I was also starving. I ate it. Definitely not Wholeo but after my egg dinner and egg breakfast this morning, I couldn’t afford to pass up calories.

I went on lunch an hour late because I got wrapped up trying to resolve an issue. I had to run home to get clothes to walk in since it was supposed to rain and I was affirming to the earth that it was fine, I’ll take a day off. No such luck.

After the walk I went to the grocery store (you see- you see how much energy I have?!) Yesterday all I could manage was a hard-boiled egg for dinner. Today I went shopping after and resisted all temptation to come home with a rotisserie chicken, apricots, green beans, some lamb for later this week and eggs for the bacon.

I did buy myself a treat. Some Topo Chico, which is fancy Mexican mineral waters that come in glass bottles. It was kind of like having a beer 🙅🏻‍♀️

Ok guys so overall feeling great. Another great thing that happened was I bought a pair of pants for $3 a week or two ago and when I brought them home realized they were a little tight.

You know when pants are too tight and the just stick to you, especially between the thigh and the pooch? Well I put them on this morning and no sticking! So that was a great feeling.

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