Day 13: Wholeo in One

Progress. Today’s walk was maybe the worst one yet. I was struggling almost straight away. My Achilles heel was sore and my shins and calves were tensing up. I had to stop twice just to cool down, it was a warm 86 degrees.

Walking outside felt like when you open an oven to check on the cookies and feel the warm air wafting in your face. It just never stopped. All of the shady parts on the path were visited by people, so we knew it wasn’t just us.

My buddy kept saying we were struggling because work was tough again today. However, it was a lot tougher for her. Today our manager picked on her all day. I was left alone because I had a big project that needed to be completed today. But for my coworker, she got the brunt of it.

I started feeling tired at the end of the day and even during the walk I said “I might have to take tomorrow off.” She said she’d be walking either way. She needed the stress relief.

Today when I got home, I sat on the couch for a bit to relax and cool down. After a short while I jumped up take a shower and then cook dinner. After dinner I made lunch for tomorrow. Then I did most of the dishes. Then I watched a movie.

Two days ago all I could do after our walk was manage to eat an egg. Tonight I had a gourmet chicken dinner (precooked of course) but I made veggies and bacon and guacamole. Pro tip: put bacon in guac. It’s literally the most amazing thing.

I’m having chicken salad for lunch tomorrow. Shredded rotisserie chicken with a spoonful of compliant mayo, some pickle relish, celery and bacon. Now that I type this I wonder if the pickle relish is compliant?

I just checked. It doesn’t have any of the major no nos: dairy, sugar, grains but it has chemically things. For instance, xanthum gum, alum, something chloride. Like, where does that stuff grow?

Once you start reading labels the whole world burns down for you. It’s terribly disappointing to know everything is bad for you. Quite heartbreaking and sobering too.

Anyway, there’s 2 spoon fulls of pickle relish in my chicken salad, I know I’m disappointing the gods of whole 30.

As the man in black said: Get used to disappoinment.

So, seeing that pushing through on my walks my body is adjusting, I’m not sure if I’m going tomorrow. Not only is the physical act helpful but actually having someone to talk to. If I were doing the walks alone it would be an inner monologue the whole time. Now I get a break from that too.

Well I’m eager for tomorrow and to see what kind of a great day I’ll have. Tomorrow is two full weeks eating Wholeo foods.

I do eat black beans because when I was Paleo for a while, I introduced them back into my diet after about 3 months and felt substantially better.

For portion reference – it’s a side plate. And yes, I’ve been eating off of a stool in front of the TV. My dining table is now a drying rack for my art work. 🙅🏻‍♀️

2 thoughts on “Day 13: Wholeo in One

  1. ok, Duff, thanks to you I just did a 2 mile walk which for me is a big thing! And your dinner looks nummy.-Kay

  2. You’re definitely doing the right stuff. The challenge is to transition from “challenge” to “lifestyle.”

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