Day 14: The wholeo and the restless

Two weeks! So today I woke up burning up but with no fever. I had a tremendous headache which lasted well into the afternoon. On my lunch break I ran to targeh to get some electrolytes. I ended up getting knock off Pedialyte because the didn’t have any tablets.

There was def some sweetener in it, it was crazy sweet. I thought about it not being Wholeo but I was afraid it was a dehydration headache and that it would turn into a migraine. I felt better soon after I drank half the bottle.

I don’t drink enough water – or anything – while at work and I haven’t been taking enough water on my walks, so that was my bad.

I told my buddy I couldn’t walk today and needed to listen to my body and relax. While at Target I wanted so badly to succumb to temptation. I wanted to eat everything.

It was in part being forbidden to eat it, part wanting comfort food while feeling ill and part my monthly ritual of wanting to shove as much food in my mouth the week before my body starts tearing herself apart.

When I came home I relaxed a bit and then decided to make dinner. Proportionately, my dinner was way off. I made a whole lamb steak, fries from a whole sweet potato and maybe 1 cup broccoli.

I over cooked the lamb – I’m upset, I don’t want to talk about it – and knew if I reheated it it would be inedible so I just ate all of it. The sweet potato fries were my treat for not slipping off track when all I wanted was cheeseburgers and curly fries and chocolate and bread … all the bread.

So I peeled a potate and sliced her up and tossed her in a bowl with olive oil, garlic powder and salt then I baked for 18 minutes. The flavor was good, but they were a little soggy but for my first time making them I was happy and they hit the spot.

I tried recreating some of the bang bang sauce that I loved so much but due to a mishap with the ketchup bottle it was mostly ketchup with a bit of mayo and too much garlic powder. Dinner altogether was filling and extremely satisfying.

I’m not a big fan of sweet potatoes but since they have nutrients, as opposed to my favorite potato cousin ole whitey, I chose to venture into their world for a bit. I think that subconsciously just having them shaped like fries helped. Had they been cubed and baked the same I can almost guarantee I wouldn’t have eaten them all.

For Paleo and Whole 30 they tell you not to stress too much on portion size. They also say during any Wholeo diet that a person is more likely to under eat than over eat. However, these cheeky things like Wholeo mayo are high in fat and calories. I know, I know fat is good. But not all of it and not all the time.

Lunch felt like a keto fat bomb. It was chicken salad with mayo and bacon. I only used two spoon fulls of mayo for quite a bit of chicken and the mayo was too overpowering. The bacon was great for flavor and the celery perfect to break up the texture. I didn’t eat anything else with it because I wasn’t feeling like eating, I just wanted to make sure I had some calories in me.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow so much, so that the work day will finish and my weekend begins. I want to stay home and do art all weekend. I want to create new, beautiful things, maybe even spend some time writing. Sunday I have my test for school but until then I get 48 hours to do as I please and live in my own world.

I missed our walk today but made the right decision. It was 95 degrees, my friend went and said it was brutal.

I’d like to give a shout-out to my friend Kay who walked 2 miles! She attributes this to me, she said, inspiring her which is a nice honor. However, she inspired herself by WANTING to do that and then going out and DOING it!! I’m so happy and proud! ❤️💪 To celebrate, here’s a picture of my dinner:

I had to use a bigger plate.

2 thoughts on “Day 14: The wholeo and the restless

  1. The “like” doesn’t apply to potatoes. My blood sugar would triple.I guess meat is good for you and tasty. You don’t want to know how it looks to me!

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