Day 16: Wholeosome Time At Home

I love my Saturdays. I love waking up with nothing but free time and no commitments. I don’t have a schedule on the weekends. I will sleep in when my body really, really needs it but days like today when it would have been nice to get more than 7 hours of sleep, I stayed awake so that I had more day to enjoy.

I didn’t rush to get out of bed. I stayed in a bit and scrolled my phone, then when I was ready, I got up to make breakfast. Eggs, bacon and cantaloupe. I had an iced coffee, which I’m not loving without cream or sugar, but it’s fine. I opened the patio door and let the sound of the rain flutter through my apartment all day.

I just hung out. I cleaned up a very little. I did two things on my list, and then I worked on a piece of art. Tomorrow I really want to focus on organizing my apartment a little bit more and tidying up as much as possible.

They say your surroundings are a reflection of your mind, which is true, but also just having a clear space changes the energy. I love Feng Shui and believe in the energy of the home. I’m really working hard on keeping my mind right and in a positive place.

I am working on manifesting some things, which includes my own hard work and pounding the pavement as well as some assistance from the universe and if things were really going my way then I would expect the help from the Texas State Lottery too.

In order to win, you have to buy a ticket!

Since I’m spending so much time at home and plan to over the course of the next 2 years I want it to feel like home. I’ve been in this apartment for 4 months now and it’s come along away, it’s practically finishing touches now.

It just adds up to money or time needing to be spent focusing on something to be accomplished on my list. Today I hung my guitar, it wasn’t a difficult task yet I had put it off for a few weeks. I got the shelf I am going to use for my mantle but have yet to put that up in fear that it won’t work. It’s going in front of the fire place and I realize that it may be metal and my drill may not be able to drill through it.

I think that I hate half finished projects more than I hate not starting them. I would be really impressed if I did that tomorrow. However, my goal for tomorrow is to clean my dining room area. I have drying art and empty boxes filling that space but I would like to reclaim my dining table for eating and clear the space so that I can figure out what kind of table or desk will fit in that area so that I have somewhere to do schoolwork.

I think if I could manifest any life I would have a cute little house by the beach with a huge garage filled with all the tools and art supplies I could ever need. I’d be making a full time living making various forms of art. I can feel myself walking barefoot around my garage turned studio and despite stepping on the odd screw here or there I mostly just feel the sand that always blows in, or that I drag in after my morning swim.

And that’s the picture I will be taking to bed with me tonight.

Don’t she look great
This I’m actually excited about! Jennie O turkey or chicken sausage – spicy Italian. It’s so good and comes with 5 links so it’s already pre-portioned.

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