Day: Wholeo-19.

Last night, I did not prepare my lunch for today. I was in a funk and a state of melancholy so I forewent that step.

I didn’t sleep until 2:30am, my alarm goes off at 6:30. Today was slightly less busy at work. At about 10am I messaged the office what’s for lunch. My manager came right into my office and said “I really want junk food or at least comfort food” and suggested a place to order from.

I looked over the menu of this southern comfort food restaurant and realized there was nothing I could eat except maybe a plate of lettuce, plain. I said “Oh I can’t eat that stuff.”

Her body language changed. “Wow” she said, “I admire your will.”

People are always surprised to see my determination when I’m doing a challenge. As if the rules don’t matter so why not break them here and there. This challenge may not really “matter” to other people, but it certainly matters to me.

Even without the accountability I feel through this blog, it’s only 30 days. If there is something you feel you can’t give up for 30 days perhaps you should examine your relationship with that thing a little closer.

It’s an emotional or mental obstacle to get over removing something in your life for a month. That’s the hard part and that’s the point.

So I suggested a fast food Greek place and I ordered the chicken kebobs. While it normally come with rice I was very pleased to see a cauliflower rice option in lieu of regular rice. Then of course a side Greek salad, no feta.

When I got my lunch I opened it up to a big surprise, 2 perfectly fresh and warm slices of pita. With one graceful swoop those suckers went straight into the trash can.

That was the hardest part of my day.

I began to eat the cauliflower rice and quickly realized it was really, really tasty which meant one thing – there’s something naughty in there. After a few minutes of internet search I found there was tzatziki, feta and a few other no nos.

I threw the rice away too. The chicken and salad were fine.

I didn’t walk today because of my lack of sleep last night. I wanted to be asleep early tonight. It’s 9:30 so not as early as I hoped but early enough.

It was 95 when we left work so the rest day was smart for me so that I can get at her tomorrow. My coworker did hers. I was sad that I couldn’t go but knew it was the smart move.

You see my little pitas.

One thought on “Day: Wholeo-19.

  1. PLAIN cauliflower rice or “mashed” are exciting once every couple months treats for me. Then again, it is 30 miles to the store, and 30 miles back, and there is always the risk of catching the covid. As you noticed, avoid buying too much produce for one person. Easier to do when the store is nearby.

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