Day 21: That Wholeo feeling

Last night after writing the blog and getting into my bed I realized that I had only eaten lunch. I knew I forewent dinner because I wasn’t hungry but I had forgot that I was too busy at work to eat breakfast, or a snack.

I figured it was only about 400 calories yesterday. Not nearly enough. So today I had to intentionally eat three meals. I may spend time tomorrow figuring out how many calories I ate today, but I made sure at dinner to add plenty of olive oil and veggies with my half potato and some chicken.

I keep dozing off on the couch as I write this, it’s 9pm. I’m going to be asleep by 9:30. I think my body may be catching up or regulating.

I went on the walk today… Alone. My buddy texted me first thing this morning to say she couldn’t make it after work today. I didn’t take my bag of walking clothes to work. I didn’t take lunch either.

For the second day in a row I came home for lunch. I made healthy choices and am just overall trying not to spend money on food when I got food at the house.

When I left work today I thought about not coming back home and going somewhere for food and just to sit in my car. However then I would have forfeit the walk. I knew I wanted and needed the walk so I came home, threw lunch together and grabbed some clothes and headed back to work.

I pumped myself up for the walk and at 4:30, my normal time to leave work I just shut my computer down. I’ve stayed after 5 so far every day this week but today I wasn’t doing it.

It wasn’t even about getting away from work as quickly as humanly possible, it was more like the sooner I start my walk the sooner I finish.

I was determined to beat my own time. Which I know is around an hour, but never under an hour. I wanted to finish the loop in an hour or less. I did it in 61 minutes.

I was really proud of myself, for going, for doing it, for pushing through those moments when I wanted to quit. For a while, I couldn’t get over how pathetic I felt that I couldn’t walk faster than a mile in 20 minutes.

Then as I was starting mile three, my legs like cement pillers sliding across the ground, I realized in a few months I’d be hopefully able to jog some or all of it. At least I will beat my current pace.

It was a positive walk, me hyping myself up. I felt great mentally after, tires physically though. It was hot and humid today. Over 79% humidity, not fun, but I enjoy the sweat.

I came home, showero, hydrated and cooked dinner. Insat on the couch at 8 with dinner watched two episodes of a show and started to fall asleep. Now it’s almost 9:30 and I’m basically gonna stop typing because I’m ready to climb into bed and get a great night sleep.

It’s supposed to pour all day tomorrow so I’m not sure about a walk. I’m so excited it’s Friday and I have the weekend to relax. I got the word today starting in June we’ll be open on Saturdays for a few hours.

I asked for all the shifts because I need to save for school. Right now they’ll only be 4 or 5 hour shifts but it will help. So I have two full weekends left before I got to 6 day work weeks.

A part of me hopes it rains after work so I can come home and work on art. I want to finish the big piece so it dries tomorrow and Saturday I can play with some new stuff. However, I don’t want to miss out on a walk. I have been really feeling great.

This song “Starting Over” came on during my walk and really hit home. This line in particular was felt. Pull up the song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

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