Day 25: Memwholeo Day

Ah, memorial day. The day people get to shame other people for not memorating enough about fallen soldiers and battles past while they pack their coolers full of Cheetos and Pepsi and hit the lake.

Except in Dallas because today in Dallas, it poured. We ended up closing early today. Around noon. At first, I was annoyed because why did we even bother going in and I was only getting paid half the day.

But, I told my boss before I left that I’m not taking lunch breaks this week to make up the money and she said that was fine. 9 hour days, awesome. The silver lining is now I’ll be forced to bring my lunch for the last week of the challenge.

It helps that we went home early because I brought the wrong Tupperware to work. Instead of my protein, carb and veg packed container I brought the one that had the meat for the next 2 days. Much to my surprise, after removing it from the microwave at 11am I found two pork ribs looking sad and lonely in a glass bowl.

So I ate one. I found out shortly after that we were being dismissed early. I had to stop at the grocery store because I have been craving watermelon for 3 days. Don’t judge me. I bought a rotisserie chicken while I was there because why not.

Well it was my lucky day because I won a free chicken on my receipt. Perked me right up.

When I got home I watched a little tv and browsed the internet. I started writing a bit of the old novel and then decided to make some art. I turned music on and spent the next 4 hours painting some shit. They never turn out how you plan but I have used up all but 1 canvas. The next step is to start painting over the ones I don’t like. Haha #waystosave #artonabudget

The need to create has been very strong lately and I am ready to try new things artistically. Maybe something like actual painting or abstract work? I don’t know, I’ll have to do some research.

Short blog tonight, I only got three hours of sleep last night. It’s looking like I’m only getting about 6 tonight. Eating enough calories and getting enough sleep are the two things I need to focus on more seriously. Both can have huge impacts negatively on feeling healthier and being successful.

Nothing how I expected. 😂🤷

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