Day 27: Wholeo kit and caboodle.

Work was weird today, we weren’t slammed which was amazing timing because my coworker called out suck today.

Then, towards the end of the day, she quit. I knew this was coming because of how unhappy she was there, like me, but I didn’t expect it so soon.

When the reality hit it was a tough pill to swallow because I know my work load got heavier. It’s going to be stressful and now I don’t have any one at work that I like.

I have to go in to work early tomorrow, at 7 for a meeting and I probably have to stay late because of another meeting. That makes it a 10 hour day.

I am grateful for the overtime because I want the money, but also aware that next week starts my 6 days a week weeks which will last through summer.

I need to learn how to recharge my battery and fast. Today after work I didn’t go for a walk, I really wanted to but I decided to get my toes done instead. It was such a weird decision but I needed some pampering and to relax.

It was very relaxing and the ladies were grateful. They have been closed for months and said they haven’t been very busy since opening. I felt like the lady was trying so hard to make sure I was happy and comfortable and relaxed, but I just wanted to be left alone so I could close my eyes.

I assign stories to people, as if I know their whole life story by looking at them. A lot of times it’s finding the struggles that I think they have. I was thinking about not working for two months. That must have been awful. Who knows what her finances are so I just gave her $20 as a tip. She was really happy. I had doubted giving it to her and thought well maybe I’ll ask to break the twenty and split it with her. A $10 tip would have been more than 20% anyway but I just felt like giving her all of it.

Sometimes it’s necessary to be generous just because you have the opportunity to be.

I think that’s a statement that I want to think about some more and incorporate into my credo. Generosity is one of those high vibing shits that we need to lean into more.

This challenge and the walking has really helped me so much. I feel really good about myself, for the first time in a while and I feel pretty grounded. I have some great ideas for the near future that I will work on.

I do feel like there is change happening. Beyond from my buddy quitting our job I feel like there are some good things coming.

We were supposed to have one of tomorrow’s meetings today but rescheduled for because my manager thought my buddy would be in tomorrow. Lolz. So she bought lunch today for the two of us because it is a two hour meeting and was going to be a working lunch. I told her I had forgotten about the meeting and lunch and that I would eat what I brought but she was ordering food anyway and I thought, mine as well take advantage of a free meal.

I left my chicken and green beans in the fridge and will eat it tomorrow. She picked the restaurant and chose a southern comfort place. There were literally about 3 things I could eat on the menu. The salad had chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and egg. I was about to order it but realized I wanted to branch out a little.

I ended up going with the pot roast, no gravy and a plain side salad. We could pick two sides but I couldn’t eat any of their sides. This was a wake up call about eating out. Eating out is really tough. I made a great decision though and it definitely seemed Wholeo compliant, although boring and pretty dry.

Lunch of champions

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